‘Dying Light’ Bonus Multiplayer DLC Will Now Be Free For All

It was previously announced that players would have to pre-order Techland's Dying Light in order to gain access to the zombie title's exclusive competitive multiplayer mode. According to a report by Game Informer, however, the publisher has now decided to remove the pre-order requirement from the bonus content and instead offer the Be The Zombie mode to all Dying Light owners for free, regardless of whether the game was pre-purchased or not.

The move to remove the Dying Light pre-order bonus and instead offer the multiplayer mode as a completely free add-on came alongside an announcement that the upcoming zombie title will now have a staggered worldwide release. The game will launch on January 27 in North America to coincide with its global digital PC release. The launch of physical boxed copies of Dying Light in many other regions, including Europe and Asia, has now been pushed back into late February.

Dying Light
Dying Light (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Techland's decision to make Dying Light's pre-order DLC free is a result of the slight delay that will affect multiple countries. Playstation Lifestyle posted a response from the Dying Light development team on Friday in which Techland gave an explanation for offering the add-on for free, and extended their thanks to fans for their understanding.

As you already know, today we detailed our launch timing for Dying Light. Although the changes affect only the release of boxed copies in certain territories, we want to show all of you our appreciation for your continued support. Thus, we're really happy to announce that "Be the Zombie" will be available for free to everyone, on all platforms, in all territories.

We'll also be giving away extra weapon dockets to everyone who pre-ordered Dying Light and signed up at Dockets.DyingLightGame.com.

We want to thank you for your patience and support in this matter and can't wait for you to enjoy playing Dying Light and invading other players' game in the "Be the Zombie" mode.

Zombies are a very commonly used enemy in video games. In addition to Dying Light, Sony Online Entertainment also recently released H1Z1 into early access. Despite a controversial release, the zombie MMO continues to perform strongly in Steam's sale charts. Adding yet another zombie game launch in 2015, Xbox One owners will soon be able to enjoy an updated HD re-release of State of Decay, according to a recent report by the Inquisitr.

Offering exclusive pre-order bonuses is a practice that is starting to be frowned upon by several video game fans. Will Techland's move to offer Dying Light's pre-order content as free DLC make you more likely to try out the upcoming zombie survival game?

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