Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup: ‘Boy Next Door’ Actress Goes Au Naturel After Promoting Film

Jennifer Lopez has been very busy promoting her new film The Boy Next Door, which is out in theaters today. The actress/singer has been doing talk show and radio interviews for weeks, always looking flawless in each appearance. Many have been talking about her incredible sense of style and her perfectly bronzed skin (and don’t forget that lip gloss!), but today, people are talking about JLo for different reasons.

According to Mail Online, Lopez stepped out without (wait for it) makeup on Friday!

As a mother of two, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t always look super glamorous. Although she is a beautiful woman, JLo is just a normal gal when she is not in a gown on the red carpet, or chatting with someone like Jimmy Fallon. And that’s something that Jennifer is proud of. In fact, she sings about it in several songs (Same Girl and Jenny From The Block, for example).

Since so many people find JLo so “perfect,” the media is quick to point out when something isn’t so perfect about her. Of course, not wearing makeup is far from “not perfect,” but how about a makeup fail (yes, Lopez has had a couple of those in her life)? According to the Mirror, Lopez was spotted with an orange line around her lips at a film screening this week. Not many people actually cared much about the orange line, which could have been a bronzer mishap, or perhaps a lip-lining faux pas.

In other Jennifer Lopez news, the actress/singer is reportedly single right now (which she recently revealed herself) despite reports that she and ex Casper Smart reignited their two-year flame, and that she’s hooking up with Boy Next Door co-star Ryan Guzman. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lopez has been talking about her love life a lot lately, opening up about her past flames, and what she’s looking for in a mate. She still believes in that happily ever after, which so many people think that she deserves.

“Maybe what I liked when I was younger wasn’t as good for me, but now I have different criteria. As far as type-wise, like look and everything, I’m not a looks person. I don’t know if you noticed over the years?”

[Photo courtesy of the Mirror]