WWE News: Longtime WWE Star Touches On His Rumored Retirement

A longtime WWE superstar has had rumors start flying about him and stating he was going to be retiring sometime this year. Actually, the rumors have him retiring within just the next couple of months. Goldust is the star in question, and he has now spoken out about the rumors of his retirement and wanted his fans to know what’s going on.

WrestleZone reported that there has been a lot of talk behind the scenes at WWE that Goldust’s long in-ring career would soon be ending. Word going around was that his career wouldn’t come to an end until after WrestleMania 31, though.

Well, the rumors actually made their way to Goldust himself and he decided to hop on Twitter and let everyone know the truth.

The 45-year-old wrestling veteran of almost 30 years is not ready to hang up his boots, his wig, or his make-up. Goldust has been back in WWE since 2013 and is having one of the more successful stints in a tag team with his brother Cody Rhodes, aka Stardust.

Rumors actually had Goldust starting to fade out of being a full-time wrestler over the next few months and the tag team with Stardust being dissolved. Talk was even there that there could be a feud between Goldust and his brother, as well.

Once Goldust was set to retire, Stardust would move out on his own as a singles wrestler. The feud would set up the split of their tag team known as The Dust Brothers and Stardust sending Goldust into retirement.

Goldust Stardust

There has been talk in the past of Stardust going out on his own or even Cody Rhodes returning from under the paint. For now, though, the Dust Brothers are still working together and it looks like Goldust won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

He has to be given credit for lasting, though. The Goldust character debuted in September of 1995. Sure, he has left and come back a few times, but he’s kept that character going ever since “the bizarre one” arrived on the scene.

Both Goldust and Stardust are confirmed as entrants in this Sunday’s Royal Rumble match. They aren’t featured in an individual match, but will be in the big battle royal. The WWE’s strange superstar appears to not even be close to retirement and it is certainly showing in the ring.

[Images via WWE]