Miss Universe 2015 Contestants Have Some Of The Freakiest Outfits Imaginable

The Miss Universe 2015 pageant is currently going on, and it appears as if the contestants spared no expense on their outfits this year. They also seemed to spare no extra material, either, as they used every single thing they could possibly get their hands on as they compete for the prestigious title that will be awarded on Sunday night.

On Wednesday, the Miss Universe contestants paraded out onto the Miami stage, and all 88 of them had some interesting outfits on. Actually, they were a lot more than interesting. As Us Magazine pointed out, they were “out of this world.”

Miss Universe 2015

Laurien Angelista is Miss Curacao and she decided to show everyone that oranges are a huge crop in her country. Obviously, she didn’t want anyone to miss that, so she literally put them all over her outfit and head.

Miss Universe 2015 USA

Nia Sanchez is Miss USA, and she wanted to pay tribute to the colors that never run — the red, white, and blue. Obviously, she did that while busting out the giant angel wings as well. Later in the Miss Universe 2015 competition, she also showed that she could rock a swimsuit too.

Miss Universe 2015

Lisa Madden is Miss Ireland, and she certainly didn’t come out with some shamrocks or beer cans on her outfit. No, she wanted to be forceful and show a military outfit that would frighten anyone.

Miss Guam broke out giant leaves that made her look like a peacock.

Miss Dominican Republic had a Snow White-ish look to her, but complete with a portrait of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.

Let’s not forget about Miss Peru, Jimena Espinosa, who had a headpiece almost as tall as she is. Her bright green dress also included a wild bird head drawn on the inside and able to be presented with one swift motion of her arm/wing.

Reddit actually presented more of the outfits for Miss Universe 2015, and there were some that couldn’t be believed. Yes, even more than those already shown here. It’s obvious that this competition is on a different level than the Miss America or Miss USA pageants.

Some clips with these outfits will likely be shown on Sunday at 8/7c on NBC for the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. The winner will be crowned on that night, and she may even be given a special commendation for coming up with one of the weirdest looking outfits that has ever been seen on stage — or anywhere.

[Images via Getty Images/Splash News]