Patriots’ Julian Edelman Makes Adorable Video Of His Teammates’ Childhood Pictures, Set To ‘Growing Pains’ Theme Song

Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman had a little fun at his teammates’ expense for Throwback Thursday this week, mashing up childhood and college pictures of himself, his teammates, and his coach in an adorable video entitled “Growing Pats.”

The video uses the sappy theme song from the 1980s classic Growing Pains, according to CBS Sports, and you will now have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

In the video, we see superstar quarterback Tom Brady in his childhood days in San Mateo, California (who knew that the three-time Super Bowl winner loved baseball as a kid?), through his days at the University of Michigan; Edelman himself (how adorable does he look in his Pee Wee League uniform?); even head coach Bill Belichick, looking dapper in his baseball uniform next to his dad’s classic ride. A couple other Patriots also made their way into the video.

It certainly beats the “Super Bowl Shuffle.”

Whether Edelman intended or not, his little bit of levity and nostalgia couldn’t have come at a better time for the embattled Patriots. As the team prepares for their Super Bowl XLIX match-up against the Seattle Seahawks February 1, allegations of cheating hang over the team. The controversy, dubbed “DeflateGate” by some in the media, concerns whether or not the Patriots gained a competitive advantage by using deflated balls in their AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday.

Edelman’s video at least reminds football fans that there was a time when the game was played just for fun, and million-dollar contracts and allegations of cheating weren’t even on the minds of the young lads just having fun on the field.

[Image courtesy of: CBS Sports]