Amal Clooney Take Note: Jennifer Lopez Has This To Say About George’s Kissing Technique

When Amal Alamuddin walked down the aisle with George Clooney, she married a man with a lengthy list of former flames — and co-stars. Jennifer Lopez starred with Clooney in the 1998 film Out of Sight, and has a definite recollection of their cinematic romance. As Lopez revealed in an interview, Clooney impressed her with his lip action, if not his musical ability.

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, host Jon Stewart asked guest Jennifer Lopez who was her worst on-screen kiss. Stewart pre-empted her response with a guess.

“Can I tell you who I think it is? I think it’s Clooney.”

Lopez responded with laughter and coyly stated that “He was ok. He was all right.” When Stewart asked if George Clooney could sing, a reference to Lopez’s current turn as judge on American Idol, she shook her head.

“Not a singer,” she said, and Stewart joked to the camera, “in your face, Clooney.”

Although Lopez’s commentary made it to a few media outlets, including the pages of People, the 45-year-old has yet to give a more definitive meaning to her assessment that Clooney’s moves were “ok.”

Amal Clooney seems unlikely to reveal anything about her new husband’s ability to kiss, or not. But the lawyer and activist has been making a relatively seamless transition from urban professional to red carpet presence. E! Online wrote Thursday that Clooney’s unique style choice at the Golden Globe awards, white opera gloves with a black Dior gown, might signal a resurgence of the classic accessory.

Clooney even had the experience recently of not being compared to a Hollywood starlet, but rather, a Hollywood starlet compared to her. Anne Hathaway seemed delighted when told in an interview that she resembles Clooney. Hathaway found that flattering due to Amal Clooney’s professional stature.

“I’ve never heard that but thank you. That’s so going to be the best thing that happens to me today. I hope that one day I become half the woman she is, she’s so accomplished and it’s so thrilling to look at someone and say ‘Wow you really are making the world a better place.'”

That distinction between Hollywood glamour and serious human rights work might be a challenge for Clooney. Fashionista reported last week that Vogue editor Anna Wintour wants Amal to grace the magazine’s cover, but she has been hesitant because of her legal career. Her high-profile clients include WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, and she has advised former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

[Amal Clooney image Karwai Tang/Wireimage via People; Jennifer Lopez image via ABC News]