Charlotte McKinney Compared To Kate Upton, Appears In Racy Burger Commercial

The 22-year-old model Charlotte McKinney stunned TV viewers last Sunday by starring in Carl Jr.’s latest ad for their new burger, the “Au Naturale.” While McKinney has the same full-bodied features that men all over the world are dreaming of, she’d prefer it if people would stop it with the comparisons.

“I wish the comparison would stop. I’m my own person. I think we both have a different style of what we’re going to do,” the model said in an interview with USA Today.

Much like Charlotte McKinney, Upton was also featured in a Carl’s Jr. Commercial and also started as the face of Guess.

“I hope it’s Charlotte McKinney and not ‘the next Kate Upton’,” McKinney added.

The “Au Naturale” commercial was debuted to the western side of the country last Sunday. In the commercial, Charlotte McKinney is seen walking along an outdoor market, seemingly wearing only her birthday suit.

“I love going all natural, it just makes me feel better,” her character in the commercial said.

Market produce like, melons and peppers, were suggestively put in places as the Guess model walks by, creating a humorous effect. It was revealed in the end that she was, in fact, wearing small items of clothing.

The commercial highlighted the new product which doesn’t have antibiotics, added hormones, and steroids. Some people are complaining that the commercial was too racy for television, with one branding consultant suggesting that it’s “all about the cheap, visual joke.”

Controversy aside, the commercial bodes well for the career of McKinney, as the ad will be shown during one of television’s biggest events. The uncut video on YouTube now has almost half a million views in just two days.

The commercial was shot in Los Angeles back in November by the team from 72 and Sunny. It was inspired after a scene from Austin Powers when the spy and his female partner used vegetable to hide their nakedness.

Carl’s Jr. have been known for racy ads for their big, beefy burgers. In 2005, Paris Hilton became the subject of controversy after washing a luxury car with a Carl’s Jr. burger. Kate Upton was also featured in Carl’s commercial for their Southwest Patty Melt.

Just like McKinney, Upton rose to fame after becoming the face of Guess back in 2011. If McKinney is really trying hard to not be the ‘next Kate Upton,’ maybe she should avoid the career trajectory that Upton has been through.

[Image via YouTube]