‘American Horror Story’ Finale Send Off To Jessica Lange?

American Horror Story: Freak Show came to a close last night and, depending on who you talk to, the ending was either perfect or terrible.

Freak Show centered on a Jupiter, Florida, based attraction and was complete with an ensemble of interesting characters. The finale featured Dandy killing many of the freaks, which was gruesome but ended up serving a purpose. While many fans had predicted a return from Edward Mordrake, Elsa’s agreement to perform on Halloween cemented to viewers that he would be back. Indeed, Mordrake (with Twisty the Clown by his side) came back to Elsa, but he revealed that her place was not with them. Rather, Elsa was killed by Mordrake and, rather than going with him, she is sent back to the freak show where all the freaks that died during the season are waiting for her.

The ending of American Horror Story Freak Show may have left some fans disappointed, but it appeared to be a spectacular send-off for Jessica Lange, who may or may not be back for season five. Although she has talked about not coming back to the popular show in the past, this is the first time that her departure seems to be a reality. Adding to the reality that Lange may not be coming back was a tweet from Ryan Murphy and the end of the show.

January 22, 2015

According to USA Today, Jessica Lange talked about her future on American Horror Story last year and admitted that she may not be back for another season.

“This is a 6-month commitment every year. That will be four years in a row. I want to have more time to myself I guess. Once it’s over and I have a full year ahead of me with nothing to do, who knows? It might not have been the best decision. But I think four years doing something is a sufficient amount of time.”

One thing that has helped to draw a large audience to the show is the all-star cast that often appears. Aside from stars like Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates, American Horror Story brought on Neil Patrick Harris this year for Freak Show. The actor appeared in only two episodes, but his appearance was talked about among fans who were excited to see his brilliant acting on the show. Without Lange, American Horror Story would, no doubt, still draw a crowd, but there is a chance that Jessica Lange may return to American Horror Story for the fifth season, according to an interview she gave with E! News last November.

“You know, I told him that we would sit down and have a long conversation when this was over. In a way this character is so great, I don’t know how you top Elsa Mars. I really—in deference to Ryan, who I love dearly and who I respect beyond—I have no idea at this point.”

Ryan Murphy already knows what season five of American Horror Story will entail. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, season five will include an “unusually large reinvention.” Some fans have guessed that aliens will play a role in the next season, while others point to the top hats as clues, possibly indicating a theme connected with Operation Top Hat.

[Image: via Wikimedia Commons]