WWE News: WWE Looking For A New Creative Writer, Are Firings Looming?

Many in the WWE Universe can make the argument that WWE’s Creative staff isn’t up to par with the Attitude Era or the mid-2000s. There’s a clear lack of long-term direction for the product, as it seems the WWE writing staff doesn’t know what they will be doing a month from now. That’s not an insult by any stretch, but it isn’t a popular way of writing for the purists of professional wrestling.

A lot of WWE fans call for a change in the WWE Creative staff. Recently, the Inquisitr reported that Triple H and Vince McMahon are once again butting heads, while sometimes leaving the rest of the Creative staff “in the dark.”

As of yesterday, the WWE Corporate website posted a new job posting for a writer in Stamford, Connecticut. Below are the responsibilities.

“Develop and implement creative storylines for broadcast and the WWE Network

Collaborate with a team of home-based writers to build compelling RAW/ SD stories that capture the audience and generate buzz

Consistently improve and refine storylines

Use consumer insights and social media to deliver impactful storylines that are consistent with the WWE brand and each talent’s skills and history”

Could this possibly infer that WWE is in need of a new person to lead the charge into the next era? As of this writing, there’s no mention of a potential firing in the WWE Creative staff. The one problem WWE might face is the amount of writers they currently have employed.

Look at the state NXT is in right now and it will make sense as to why they are more successful than Raw or Smackdown. Ryan Ward is the head writer of NXT. When he is done with the script, Triple H will look at it and make the necessary changes. That’s it when writing for NXT. They don’t have a room full of writers who continuously disagree on decisions.

Also, Triple H is more in touch with what the fans want than McMahon is. In saying that, Vince McMahon worked with Vince Russo to create the Attitude Era. Both men helped each other out in ways that are nearly indescribable. However, McMahon’s opinions and ideas might be better suited for the corporate responsibility of WWE, not the creative aspect.

Perhaps everything is changing, and they want one writer to take charge into WWE’s next core group of stars. The popular opinion of WWE fans is that NXT writes a much better show than the main roster. If that’s true, then maybe Raw and Smackdown writers should take lessons from NXT’s Ryan Ward.

[Image via bleacherreport.com]