DeflateGate Parody Disses Tom Brady: ‘Make Sure Your QB Actually Has Balls To Deflate’ [Video]

The Patriots won’t have to worry about deflated balls on Super Bowl Sunday — there’s a new solution that will help them avoid another round of DeflateGate.

A newly-released parody video produced by Benstonium features Cialis Inflate-A-Ball, a product that promises to “inflate your balls” when the time is right, but it may not work for Pats QB Tom Brady. The voice-over in the video suggests that the team should make sure their quarterback has “balls to deflate” to begin with.

“Before starting Cialis inflate-a-ball make sure your quarterback actually has balls to deflate.”

The video is just one of countless parodies, tweets, and memes shared online since the NFL found that 11 under-inflated footballs were used in the AFC title game between the Patriots and the Colts on January 18.

Patriots QB Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick are featured in the DeflateGate spoof, with a voice-over promising that the erectile dysfunction medicine will give players “confidence knowing these balls are full and ready to grab.”

“Cialis inflate-a-ball helps inflate your balls any time the moment is right. Reach under center with confidence knowing those balls are full and ready to grab. Do not play with inflated balls.”

The video goes on to mimic an actual commercial for Cialis, but with a Patriots DeflateGate twist.

“Side effects may include inflated ego, swelling or painful sacks, loss of draft picks or hoodie sleeves, and hefty fines. Why left deflated balls hold you back? Give your balls that extra pump for the big game.”

The New York Times reports that New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick stated on Thursday that he was “shocked” to learn about the deflated footballs and had “no knowledge” of the situation until Monday. For some, his statement is almost as laughable as the Cialis Inflate-A-Ball parody above.

Benstonium‘s Cialis Inflate-A-Ball video has almost 500K views on YouTube, making it one of the more popular DeflateGate spoofs online. However, there is are countless tweets and memes related to the Patriots’ deflated balls — something that will continue to be a hot topic in the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.

Patriots QB Tom Brady is scheduled to speak to the media at 4 p.m. ET today about the deflated balls issue. Expect to see more parodies and funny tweets after he talks about DeflateGate.

[Image: Huffington Post]