Chris Harrison Disappointed That Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Went Behind His Back

Chris Harrison is often along for the journey when people find love on The Bachelor, including this current journey with Chris Soules looking for a potential wife. Last season, Harrison watched as Andi Dorfman chose Josh Murray as her final man. The two got engaged during the final episode. The two decided to go back Atlanta to try real life. And while everyone thought they were planning their wedding, the couple announced that they were splitting.

Usually, Chris Harrison may know the split is coming prior to the news hitting the media. In the past, Chris has been a rock for Emily Maynard, who has gone through the process more than once. However, it sounds like Andi Dorfman went behind his back and issued the breakup statement without him knowing anything. Now, Harrison is breaking his silence.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Chris Harrison is now revealing that he is very disappointed that the couple decided to issue a breakup statement without including him in the matter.

“I knew things were a little off,” Chris Harrison revealed during an interview with Ryan Seacrest, adding, “They were being a little awkward and weird. But you know, they’re from Georgia. You know those people.”

Chris Harrison reveals that the reason he wished he knew things were ending had to do with the premiere party for Chris Soules’ season. Here, he asked Andi and Josh about upcoming wedding plans. If Harrison had known about their situation, he would have never asked such questions.

“I was a little disappointed because I wish they just said something to me,” Chris stated, adding, “I never would’ve put them in that awkward of a position and talked about their wedding date had I known they were on the rocks. I’ve talked to Andi, but I’ve talked to her as a friend. I wasn’t pumping her for information. But hopefully I’ll sit down with one or both of them at some point.”

According to the Inquisitr, it is believed that Josh left Andi because he felt she was too controlling. He supposedly wanted out of the relationship. And while Harrison waits for them to speak out, he has to deal with Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor. It has been labeled the most boring season yet, because Soules simply laughs and makes out with the women.

What do you think about Chris Harrison’s comments that he is disappointed with Andi and Josh? Do you think they should have talked to him about the split prior to going public?

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