Anderson Cooper’s Stalker Claims He’s The One Being Stalked, Says ‘I Will Always Have Feelings For Anderson’

On Tuesday, 40-year-old Alex Hausner of Queens, New York, appeared in court to tell a judge that Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani, has been harassing him and threatening him over the internet.

According to the New York Post, Hausner said of Maisani, “He’s not staying away from me. I feel like I’m in danger.”

Between 2007 and 2013, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was reportedly harassed by Hausner via repeated unwanted phone calls and unwanted visits. Now receiving psychiatric treatement, Hausner avoided jail time due to a plea deal. As the New York Post recounts, the stalker “copped to felony menacing and harassment” to receive a lesser sentence.

Hausner, however, is perpetuating the issue by bringing these claims against Cooper’s boyfriend, Maisani, into the court appearance that was for the purpose of confirming that Hausner was “in compliance with court-ordered psychiatric treatment as a result of his stalking of Cooper.”

The judge handling the hearing, Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon, responded to the mentally-unstable accuser by lecturing him and reminding him of the reasons behind the hearing.

“These are problems to deal with separately. My concern is staying away, which you say you have, from Mr. Cooper and his partner. These are the conditions of your plea and you’ve got to conform.”

Hausner then rambled in an attempt to respond to Solomon’s inquiry as to the apparent threats made via Cooper’s boyfriend. The shabbily dressed man continued to implicate not only Maisani, but also unnamed acquaintances of the CNN anchor.

“They’re not the primary sources. They are superior in the whole process, meaning friends of his — acquaintances of his have possibly contributed to this. They use their cellphones to follow me around.”

Despite the claim that Hausner feels uneasy and in danger due to Maisani’s apparent threats, the court attendee still demonstrated that he has a strong affection for Cooper, gushing openly, “I will always have feelings for Anderson.”

The Huffington Post reported on Hausner’s additional claims, from the late fall before agreeing to the plea deal, in regards to his fictitious relationship with Cooper.

The self-proclaimed “gay, Jewish, white supremacist” said, “There was no time to get to know each other. I do love him, but we became more than just friends.”

This intense feeling that Hausner has for Cooper began when Hausner, who suffers from schizophrenia, crossed paths with Anderson in Union Square back in 2007. As court documents indicate, Hausner claims that Cooper whispered “You’re hot.” This imagined scenario then intensified the emotions felt by Hausner for Cooper, and the stalker then began to attempt to act on his feelings and come between Anderson and his significant other, Maisani.

If Alex Hausner is successful in attending one year of psychiatric treatment and continues to keep his distance from Cooper, he will then be sentenced to a five year probationary period.

[Feature image via the New York Post]