Sharon Osbourne Can Relate To That Ferry Passenger Who Had A Meltdown

Sharon Osbourne has an opinion about that woman who had an epic meltdown when she missed her ferry on New Year’s Eve. Osbourne, while discussing the matter on Wednesday’s episode of The Talk, admitted that she’d had her own meltdowns in the past.

“Oh yeah… oh yeah… I don’t know how old that young girl was, but I have to tell you before I went on anti-depressants I would have complete and utter meltdowns when people would say to me, ‘hey missus, you need medication.”

Osbourne went on to recount a time when she’d argued with a customs agent over the amount of jewelry she was carrying in her suitcase. She threw the jewelry at the agents and went to walk out, before being escorted back. Osbourne says she was “no better than that woman.”

You can have a look at Osbourne’s description of her past “meltdowns” in the clip below.

As for the Internet’s response to the woman’s meltdown, People reports that reaction has been mixed. Many make the point that the video was posted without her permission and no one has any idea what was going on in her life that might cause her to react the way she did.

As CBC News reported, some comments said the woman’s reaction was “out of proportion,” while others were far more sympathetic. Geoffrey Dice, as quoted by CBC, said, “We don’t know anything about this woman. Yes, it could be a lack of emotional control, and it could also be a serious mental health episode.” Cara Gosse was not happy with the fact that the video has been widely promoted and shared.

“I refuse to watch this. I don’t need to see someone having a hard time. I wouldn’t like it if someone caught me at my worst and posted it on FB to go viral.”

CTV News spoke with a lawyer in British Columbia, where the incident occurred, about the woman’s legal right to privacy. Peter Roberts said the rules are different depending on where the filming happens.

“There’s an implied consent with anyone in a public place that they may be filmed and it may become a matter of public interest or public knowledge. It’s different than if you’re in your own home. In public spaces you can expect to be seen and filmed by surveillance cameras, and exposed to publicity like this … as unfortunate as it was for this woman.”

Back in November, Osbourne discussed her own mental health battles. In an episode of The Talk she revealed she has been taking anti-depressants for 16 years.

“Some days are better than others, and some days you feel like you just want to pull the sheets over your head and just stay in that bed and not do a damn thing – except rot.”

Osbourne opened up about her own experience after Wayne Brady spoke about his life with depression.

[Sharon Osbourne image via E! Online]