Justin Bieber Is ‘A Brave Boy’ Says Roastmaster Jeff Ross, Which Bodes Delicious

Justin Bieber has been called “a brave boy” by comedian Jeff Ross, the Roastmaster who will preside over the Canadian’s upcoming Comedy Central roast.

As announced by Ryan Seacrest and the network’s press release on Tuesday, the singer is set to be publicly skewered when the event is taped in Los Angeles on March 7. As yet, the rest of the comic line-up and air date is unknown. The Biebs repeatedly asked for the roast to mark his 21st birthday.

Tweeting his anticipation of Bieber’s reckoning, Ross wrote.

Since then, Ross noted on Twitter, possibly jokingly, that he will be “trying out some Bieber jokes” at a gig in Palm Beach, Florida, this weekend.

The 49-year-old also opened up about his excitement to the New York Daily News.

“Christmas came late this year,” Ross quipped to the paper on Wednesday.

The comedian went on to say rumors of the singer’s roast had been bubbling but were not confirmed until Tuesday.

“I woke up, and my phone was flopping around. My Twitter was blowing up,” he recalled.

He added, “When I saw it was official, I thought, this is either the best or worst move of his life, depending on how he takes it.”

Seemingly referring to TMZ’s new report that Bieber regards his roast as “therapy,” and a chance to draw a public line under nearly two years of incidents and bad headlines before moving on afresh, the comedian added,

“It can’t help but be cathartic. A little tough love seems to be exactly what he’s looking for. I think he’s brave to do it,” Ross continued. “I’m excited. He’s a brave boy.”

If that sounds like the Roastmaster and his unnamed wingmen are planning to plunder the “material” that Bieber jokingly tweeted he worked on providing Comedy Central with, that’s because they definitely will be.

Currently, the Internet is heaving with lists of Bieber-isms roasters could choose from: That egging, Bieber’s love life, arrests, the monkey saga, Anne Frank, and much more.

Of his preparations for Bieber’s highly anticipated takedown, Ross light-heartedly told the News he has already put up posters of the singer around his house.

“I feel like I have to listen to his music. Now it’s a day later and the reality is setting in,” the roastmaster said.

TMZ’s aforementioned report noted Los-Angeles sources revealed Bieber is “polite again, respectful and extremely generous.” One insider told the site, “The person I knew is back.”

Meanwhile, Kathie Lee Gifford told the Daily News, “I have a friend who is very close with his mom and says Justin is really getting his act together now.”

Of Bieber’s looming roast, the daytime host says, “I think it’s actually pretty smart. Anytime the world can see you laughing at yourself, they know that you’re in on the joke.”

“He’s really trying very hard, and I think the roast might be part of that. If everyone gets to see him poking some fun at himself, I think it might be part of a turnaround for him. I sure hope so.”

Without doubt, there will no shortage of eyeballs tuning in to watch the Calvin Klein model receive his “therapy” on Comedy Central’s uncomfortable couch.

And like everyone else, we can’t wait.

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