WWE News: Triple H Shows Soft Side – Breaks Character During ‘Raw’ To Console Crying Fan

This past Monday night on WWE Raw, there was a lot going on as The Authority did their best to take down the hero John Cena. Eventually, they were stopped by the “Vigilante,” Sting, but that wasn’t before something unique happened. A true wrestling professional, Triple H totally broke character so that he could console a young crying fan.

As wrestling fans know, Triple H is primarily a heel, or bad guy, in the wrestling world. His current role is to be just that — a real bad guy. During Monday night’s main event, Triple H was watching in Dallas as Big Show, Kane, and Seth Rollins dismantled John Cena, per Bleacher Report.

That was when it happened.

Sitting at ringside, Triple H turned around during the match and saw a young boy sad and crying.

As you can see, Triple H is kind of taken aback by the expression on the kid’s face. Not being able to really take it anymore, he actually got out of his chair, and walked over to the young fan.

To see a hulking wrestler hug a little kid is one thing. For true wrestling fans, it’s just totally strange to see this super heel break kayfabe (character) and no longer be the bad guy, but be the good one that wants to make sure the young fan is alright.

This moment with Triple H and the fan wasn’t caught on camera or the Monday Night Raw telecast, but that’s not surprising either.

After Triple H tried to make the little guy feel better, it wasn’t over from there. WrestleZone reported that he was happy when John Cena won and ring announcer Lillian Garcia even gave him a high-five.

Apparently, his emotions made quite the impact on WWE, with the free merchandise he got from them. After all was said and done, he even got to go backstage and meet some of the superstars that were on the show that evening.

Triple H showed that he really does have a heart and that the characters portrayed on television aren’t always who they are in real life. The young fan had a night he will never forget and it was all due to one of the biggest heels in the game breaking character and showing his soft side.

[Image via Twitter]