‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 3 Cast Member Katie Maloney “Insulted” By Stassi Schroeder

Vanderpump Rules Season 3 cast member Katie Maloney spoke out about the end of her friendship with Stassi Schroeder in her latest blog for Bravo.

On Monday night’s Vanderpump Rules, Maloney and Schroeder sat down to discuss the issues in their friendship. Unfortunately, what was meant to clear the air ended their friendship, seemingly for good.

“Imagine how insulting and frustrating it was for me to have my best friend be so unreasonably unsupportive and selfish about MY decision. Especially when I have been so supportive of her.”

The Vanderpump Rules Season 3 cast has experienced some major changes in friendships in the last several episodes. The most shocking of those changes was the end of Maloney and Schroeder’s friendship.

Weeks ago, Maloney went to Miami to celebrate the bachelor/bachelorette party of Scheana Marie and Mike Shay. Because Schroeder does not like the couple, she wasn’t okay with Maloney going, and later called her decision a “betrayal.”

“We could be petty about it and say ‘How could I be friends with people that did such awful things?’ but I’m no longer 16 years old, and I live in a reality where people mess up and people disappoint. And frankly I’m an adult, and I realize there are bigger things in life, and if I let myself get caught up in the petty details, I’m not focusing on more important things.”

While Maloney wasn’t exactly close with Marie, Shay, and the rest of the Vanderpump Rules Season 3 cast, at the time, it made sense for her to go along since her longtime boyfriend, Tom Schwartz, has been close with the couple for years. It also served her well to end the drama she once had with Marie.

“I don’t want enemies and animosity in my life either. It’s debilitating and such a waste of energy. Part of growing up is learning from mistakes and moving on. From there you can compartmentalize the things and people in your life. I don’t know where Stassi gets the impression that I can’t maintain the integrity of our friendship while getting along with everyone else. I thought after all these years and my unwavering loyalty and support that she wouldn’t even think twice.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Schroeder spoke of the end of the friendship in her blog, as well.

“I feel like I was the one on the defensive. Like I didn’t do anything,” Schroeder alleged.

“I sat back, and she decided to change her mind about things and not tell me and embarrass me by not telling me, and what was I supposed to do? I think that both of us knew that at that point our friendship was over.”

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