June 29, 2017
Woman Pees Herself At Theme Park, Photo Is Then Used To Advertize Scary Ride, Woman Furious

A woman from New Zealand is more than a little miffed after a theme park used an image that showed her having allegedly wet her pants after going through a spooky attraction.

The image suggests that after traveling through a horror maze at Spookers Haunted Attraction Scream Park in Auckland, New Zealand, this particular woman was so overwhelmed she simply had to relieve herself.

The unnamed woman has now responded furiously to her picture being used, even though you can't actually see her face in the image. You can have a look at the full advertisement by clicking over to Spookers Haunted Attractions Scream Park's Facebook page.

As you can imagine this image instantly started to spread through the world wide web like wild fire after it first appeared on their page on 14 January.

Unfortunately the woman involved wasn't quite as pleased that her body had been used in this promotional fashion. According to Metro, the woman in the image has since been the source of many jokes because her friends were able to recognise her clothing and instantly began to make fun of her for urinating in her pants.

One relative who was with her during the pee-soaked incident explained to the New Zealand Herald, "We had been through the haunted house and we were laughing so much and she lost control of her bladder."They then added, "She has seen the Facebook page and she is not happy, she doesn't want it up there."

However, Spookers have since insisted that they've talked to the aggrieved party and they have now come to an agreement where the image can continue to be used.

"We have talked through the way the photo has been handled, and together we have come to an arrangement that includes an agreement that the photo can continue to be used. We really appreciate her generous gesture to Spookers in allowing this, and have apologized for the embarrassment that she has felt."
Meanwhile a spokesperson for Spookers insisted that this case of public urination isn't actually an anomaly. In fact they revealed that five people pee their pants at Spookers every single night. "It is very, very common," they declared, "and most people aren't embarrassed about it at all."

The theme park's website insists that their attractions are for the faint hearted or weak bladdered. "It is not for the faint hearted and Corn Evil is definitely not open for children. Come prepared with torches and a change of underwear; you won't be disappointed."

[Image via Facebook]