Lil Wayne Full ‘Sorry 4 The Wait 2’ Mixtape Album Released On YouTube: An Ode To Drinking Lean With Codeine, ‘Drunk In Love’ With Christina Milian [Video]

Lil Wayne has finally released his fullSorry 4 The Wait 2′ mixtape on YouTube, an album that Lil Wayne teased would be released on January 20, and as sure as shooting his Sorry 4 The Wait 2′ mixtape is the talk of the internet a day later. As reported by the Inquisitr, first Lil Wayne dropped the ‘Sh!t Remix’ in his new #Sorry4TheWait2 YouTube video – with its wild NSFW lyrics that hinted at the Cash Money mess he’s going through.

Thus far, the so-named Young Money Entertainment Presents: Lil Wayne “Sorry 4 The Wait 2” YouTube video that was published on January 20 has received nearly 50,000 views – and is getting mixed reviews in the comments section. Unfortunately, Lil Wayne still rhymes about sipping codeine throughout his songs, like in the lyrics of “Selsun Blue” and others – a substance which is rumored to have caused the overdose death of A$AP Yams, and recently caused a drug ring bust by police who discovered codeine being sold on the street, reports KGW.

Meanwhile, the 14-song-containing playlist has interesting lyrics, as some highlights are listed below.

Lil Wayne – CoCo (0:00)

“Birdman Jr., more like Ugly Duckling. Sipping lean out a glass, n***a. Who put this together? Me, that’s who! All I do is smoke f***ing thrash, n***a. N***a’s don’t appreciate you. Been down since day one now it’s day two. Might have to go back to slanging. I got baking soda.”

Lil Wayne – Trap House (4:04)

“My b***h ain’t got no love handles. Your pallbearers need pallbearers. Young Money was my best investment. I can’t swim but I’m throwing pool parties. Wifey get money like Kimora. Why the hell she look like Al Sharpton? Young n***a coming back like Jordan.”

Lil Wayne – Selsun Blue (8:29)

Lil Wayne – Used To ft. Drake (12:09)

“I got mind control over people. New friends in they old feelings now – they don’t love you like the used to. In the city with the windows down, like I used to. It’s gonna take some getting used to. Let’s just let bygones be bygones. I’m looking like a d**n cyborg, weighing 224.”

Lil Wayne – No Type (16:34)

“When I met codeine, it was love at first Sprite. Got me walking ’round feeling like Dolemite. These h**s throwing p***y like a hand grenade. Don’t let it blow up in your face. She like bad boys; I’m a crook in her neck. I watch her let her figure slither, but I don’t look into her snake eyes.”

Lil Wayne – Hot Nigga (20:39)

“I’m aiming at your beats by Dr. Dre, n***a. The feds got Instagram. They liking every photo…If you ain’t got a warrant, get up out my damn house. No Cash Money, just Young Money [ish].”

Lil Wayne – HollyWeezy (23:59)

“Too holly to go Hollywood. I got this heat on my waist. Heaven is real… I run through hell with gasoline drawers, stop and tell the devil that God is good. Lord, please don’t let this car break down. Pimp C was my tutor.”

Lil Wayne – Drunk In Love ft. Christina Milian (29:04)

“Baby be my leader, tell me how you want it, Papi. We gon’ be f***ing all night, we ain’t making love. I’m gon’ pull her hair — I don’t care if it’s not her hair.”

Lil Wayne – Try Me ft. Mack Maine (33:59)

“Menace to Society? I’m a menace to myself…My baby mama say I’m living wrong. If I die I guess she dead right.”

Lil Wayne – Preach ft. 2 Chainz (37:39)

Lil Wayne – Alphabet (40:44)

Lil Wayne – No Haters (46:19)

Lil Wayne – Admit It ft. SNL (50:04)

Lil Wayne – Dreams And Nightmares (54:09)

The ‘Sorry For the Wait 2’ album is gaining so much buzz that even publications like Time have covered its release.

[Image via Young Money Entertainment]