Conan O’Brien, ‘Archer’ Crossover: Pair Tackle Russian Mobsters

Conan O’Brien’s interview with Sterling Archer from the hugely popular FX show Archer was probably his most unique in his 21 year career.

Rather than just sitting down with the world’s most famous animated spy, Conan O’Brien decided to leap into Archer’s world and instantly found himself taking on Russian mobsters. All while his companion drove around trying to keep the duo out of the danger zone.

You can check out Conan O’Brien’s stellar interview with Sterling Archer below. It will probably be the best thing that you do all Wednesday.

Poor Andy Richter. Not only has he been the butt of Conan O’Brien’s jokes for over two decades but now he’s been shot by him too.

There are literally too many highlights to even make note of. Watching Conan O’Brien turn into an animated character was simply sensational, while it was surprising to see that he was instantly at home as a secret agent.

Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien’s chat with Sterling Archer about Tinder suggests that the hired killer is a repeated user of the casual dating app. Which, for any regular viewer of Archer, would hardly be a surprise. Sterling Archer’s lecherous ways and drunken antics have become legendary since the show premiered in September, 2009. It is now in its sixth season, and so far 64 episodes of the comedy have aired to almost universal praise.

In the end, Conan O’Brien, despite originally insisting that his only weapon was his “dry wit,” was able to dispatch the Russian mobsters with consummate ease. Along the way he learned how to shoot a gun, joked about using Tinder to hire interns, promoted Uber, dropped two of Archer’s most popular catchphrases — “dangerzone” and “phrazing” — and described killing someone as a “sexual thrill.”

However Sterling Archer and Conan O’Brien departed on bad terms as the talk show host completely destroyed the rear-end of Archer’s car thanks to a poorly thrown grenade. This left Conan O’Brien to reluctantly return to his life as a talk-show host.

This wasn’t the first time that Conan O’Brien has appeared in animated form. Far from it in fact. He previously starred in The Simpsons episode, “Bart Gets Famous,” as himself.


Meanwhile Conan O’Brien also starred in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut too. But Conan himself didn’t provide the voice of this character. Instead he was played by Brent Spiner. Still, it’s the perfect excuse to watch the impeccable scene from the hilarious movie.

[Image via TBS]