Did Kylie Jenner Quit Homeschooling?

Has Kylie Jenner quit homeschooling? According to a new report, the 17-year-old has walked away from her education, choosing to focus on other endeavors.

On January 21, a source told Life & Style the following:

“Kylie quit homeschooling a few months ago. She told her mom it was getting ‘in the way’ of her career, and that she wanted to focus her energies on building her personal brand and making money.”

Surprisingly, Kris Jenner was reportedly on board with Kylie’s decision.

“She feels the girls are smart and savvy and they don’t need a piece of paper to show that.”

This isn’t the first time Kris has been on board, at least reportedly, with one of Kylie Jenner’s questionable decisions. As the Inquisitr reported on January 20, Kris allows Kylie to spend the night with her rapper boyfriend, Tyga, who is eight years her senior, at their family home.

“There are many nights that Tyga just crashes at Kylie’s house, with Kris’ blessing,” an insider told Radar Online on January 20. “Kris is very liberal with rules for Kylie, and allows her to throw parties all the time at the mansion.”

“Kylie’s dad, Bruce, doesn’t like Tyga spending the night at the house, but he is really powerless to do anything. Kris and Bruce have fought about it, and he has accused her of being a friend first to Kylie, and not acting like a mother.”

According to the source, Kris was allowing Kylie extra wiggle room in an effort to keep her living at home, despite her turning 18 later this year.

“Kylie will soon be turning eighteen, and Kris doesn’t want to do anything that would cause her to move out sooner. Kris has always wanted to be the cool mom, and isn’t concerned Kylie is growing up too fast.”

Another report, via In Touch Weekly, claimed Kylie Jenner is currently expecting a child with Tyga.

“She just found out. She loves Tyga and sees a future with him. She’s happy.”

Unfortunately, her mother, Kris, wasn’t so thrilled with the news.

“She was screaming, telling Kylie she was going to kill her and that she never should have let this happened. Kris tried to ban Kylie from dating Tyga. Kylie told her to mind her own business.”

Kylie Jenner and her family will be returning to reality TV in the 10th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians later this year.

[Photo via Twitter]