Mario Lopez Was Dustin Diamond’s Only Ally

Mario Lopez played teenage heartthrob “A.C. Slater” on the popular 90s show Saved By The Bell. Lopez was the coolest of the cool kids and seemed to be friends with everyone. Lopez is now sharing that that was also the truth in real life.

The Saved By The Bell cast seemed like such a tight knit crew, but that wasn’t the case.

Dustin Diamond, who played the lovable dork “Screech,” has often spoken out about how they were not a happy family. Dustin has also made some poor choices since leaving the show that seems to have upset his cast mates, one of those actions being publishing his book, Behind the Bell.

In the book, Lopez’s cast mate accuses other cast mates of using steroids and makes other various accusations that can’t be substantiated.

In an interview with Huffington Post late last year, Lopez and Diamond’s co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar who played the oh-so-popular “Zach Morris,” commented on Diamond and his book, which became a Lifetime movie.

It is negative,” Gosselaar said. “That I must say. Everything I’ve heard about his book is that it is negative, and I don’t remember those things because my experience on the show was very positive.”

A friend of Gosselaar and Lopez, Breckin Meyer, called Diamond a name in the same interview.

“I know Elizabeth [Berkley], Tiffani [Thiessen], Mario [Lopez], and everyone has nothing but awesome times to say about that, except for Dustin, and I’m like, ‘That might be you, bro,'” Meyer said.

That being said, Mario Lopez, who also released a book that encompasses much more than his Saved By The Bell years, was being interviewed by Huffington Post host Caitlyn Becker and discussed his cast mates.

In that interview, Lopez admits that the whole cast didn’t get along, and that the outsider was always Diamond.

Lopez told Becker, “I got along with Dustin.”

Lopez went on to say, “I was probably the only one who was really cool with Diamond. He thought I was a little quirky because he was a couple years younger, but yeah, I was all good — I didn’t have any issues.”

The Extra correspondent, despite the issues the other cast members had with Diamond, reminisced fondly on his days working on Saved By The Bell. Lopez referred to his time on the show as being “like a cool summer job,” and that he had “nothing but positive things to say about it.”

Lopez’s book, Just Between Us, was released this past September.

[Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail]