Harry Potter Popularity Grows As Hogwarts Grads Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson Do Mature Films [Video]

For those who adore Harry Potter (and fans of the boy wizard, originally played by Daniel Radcliffe, are legion), 2015 just might be the prime time to glimpse Hogwarts Heaven. From Harry Potter-themed engagement rings to chocolate, Muggle-mania is even extending to a middle school's staff, reported CBC News.

What once was an ordinary middle school became Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And for the Riverview Middle School students, teachers, and staff, it was a magical transformation.

Headmaster Dumbledore (a real life teacher named Armand Doucet) began planning the Muggles makeover in October.

"At the end of the night we thought to ourselves, 'We hope they'll love it' because we saw it and it looked brilliant," said Doucet proudly.

And for those whose idea of Harry Potter heaven involves chocolate, you can now eat wizardly frogs knowing that they're fair trade-approved, reported the Duluth News Tribune.

Harry Potter studio Warner Bros. has taken a pledge that before 2016, their Harry Potter-themed chocolate products will become certified fair-trade. Alternatively, the studio agreed to obtain approval from UTZ, an organization that seeks to achieve sustainability and working conditions.

In addition, for anyone longing for Harry Potter bling in the form of a ring, the aptly named Alchemy House is offering a Golden Snitch-inspired ring, reported the New York Daily News.

Handcrafted, the ring boasts a topaz stone and either a silver or gold band. The price tag is $145, and the ring's page description includes a poem suggesting using it to get engaged.

"At this ring, have a look. It was inspired by a book. If you're a wizard or witch, you could use it to get hitched."
Amidst all the Harry Potter excitement, what are Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson doing now? As the Inquisitr reported, both actors have moved onto mature films.

Radcliffe revealed that he's deliberately chosen roles that required him to go nude on stage, making him a member of what he considers an elite group.

"To join you have to have been stark b****** naked on stage at some point of your career. I mean full-frontal nudity in front of thousands of people."
As for Emma Watson, the actress also has graduated from Hogwarts (as well as Brown University) to act in films such as Bling Ring, below.
In addition, Emma recently was honored as one of the "30 Under 30: Young People Who Are Changing Hollywood" list by Forbes, as the Inquisitr reported.

She was chosen because she has succeeded as an actress as well as an activist, noted Forbes. In the latter role, Watson has become a leader in the HeForShe Campaign, as noted by the Inquisitr.

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