James Patterson’s ‘Private Vegas’ Will Self-Destruct In 24 Hours, Literally

The new James Patterson novel Private Vegas will literally self-destruct in 24 hours. Keep your smoke alarm prepped for this one, avid readers.

You read that right. The latest thriller from Patterson will take a queue from the renowned Mission: Impossible TV series and movies for early buyers. If you’re a slow reader or easily distracted, you might want to just wait for the permanent release so you can take your time with it.

Known for his bestselling novels about fictional psychologist Alex Cross, Patterson is a master of suspense. His most notable releases so far include Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, and Alex Cross, which were made into major motion pictures featuring Morgan Freeman and Tyler Perry in the starring role.

The special edition of the new Private Vegas will include the opportunity for one buyer to have a five-course private dinner with James Patterson, and 14-karat gold binoculars, but as an added bonus, you get the novel to read for only 24 hours. After this time period, the digital version will self-delete, and the hardcover is literally wired to self-destruct, with a friendly digital clock on the screen or against the rear cover to remind you how much time you have left to finish it.

The book’s promoter, Susan Holden, is confident that Patterson will find a buyer for this special first edition.

“He said to me that he wouldn’t be surprised if one in his circle of friends might be interested … He’s a super down-to-earth guy, but he runs with a billion-dollar crowd, so for some person that’s a huge Patterson fan, this could be chump change, and could be funny.”

Why would James Patterson have trouble selling this special edition physical copy of Private Vegas? The cost is almost $300,000. Others are available without the dinner and binoculars thrown in, all digital and all set to self-delete. The digital copies will be free, but only 1,000 of them are available before the official release date of January 26, when you can finally buy a copy to keep as long as you make it last.

The physical copy of this book will be signed by the James Patterson himself, something you’ll probably have to take a picture of to prove you owned it.

What do you think of owning a copy of a book you only have 24 hours to read?

[Image via Gizmodo]