Violetta Degtiareva Dead: The ‘Next’ Anna Kournikova, Tennis Beauty Dies At 23

An up-and-coming Russian professional women’s tennis player, known for her fashion and beauty, is dead. Violetta Degtiareva, who has been called the next Anna Kournikova, died recently. The cause of death is being attributed to heart failure. Degtiareva was 23, according to Daily Mail.

The news of Violetta’s death was not immediately released to the public. Much of what is known came to light when Degtiareva’s friend, pro tennis player Anastasia Vdovenco, 20, made the stunning announcement on her Facebook fan page on January 13. The news soon spread like wildfire when Russian media picked up the story.

“R.I.P. Не могу в это поверить….Пусть земля ей будет пухом — with Violetta Degtyareva. [Translation: ‘R.I.P. let earth she will rest in peace’].”

The next day, Anastasia shared another message about Violetta Degtiareva’s death.

“Страшная трагедия произошла на днях Ушла из жизни замечательная девушка-Виолетта Дегтярева Ей было всего 23 года Как больно осознавать это Виолетта очень любила теннисЕще несколько месяцев назад она вместе с нашими девчонками тренировалась общалась улыбалась строила планы на будущее а сегодня ее нет вместе с нами От имени всех теннисных родителей и игроков кто хорошо знали Виолетту приношу самые искренние соболезнования всем родным и близким Мы разделяем вашу скорбь Пусть земля Виолеточке будет пухом.”

A fan, Tatiana Vdovenco, offered her condolences in a short obit. The English translation is provided.

“A terrible tragedy has occurred in recent days has left the life of a wonderful girl-Violetta Degtyareva she was only 23 years As painful to realize that Violetta loved tennis a few months ago, she, along with our girls trained spoke smiled built plans for the future and today it’s not with us on behalf of all tennis parents and players who knew the Girl my most sincere condolences to all the relatives and friends, we share your grief may Violetočke rest in peace”

Before her death, she was known as being one of the highest-paid female tennis players, despite only ranking at 1,084 in the world among active players. Her best career ranking was 947.

The details of Degtiareva’s last moments are scant. All is known is that she collapsed suddenly during a training session. It’s unknown if Violetta died at the tennis facility or was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Violetta Degtiareva’s death is shocking on a number of fronts. She was known for her charming looks, personality, and set of pins. Many draw comparisons to former tennis player, Anna Kournikova, 33, for similar reasons. Like the retired Russian bombshell, who never garnered a title, Violetta had reaped the benefits of enormous commercial success in her short life.

[Image via: Facebook]