Greg Plitt May Have Been Trying To Race The Train That Killed Him

Fitness celebrity Greg Plitt was running on the tracks ahead of the train which hit and killed him, according to a police report cited by the Associated Press.

Police detectives investigating the death of the fitness model and actor reviewed video footage from a camera which was mounted on the top of the Metrolink commuter train. The footage shows Plitt running between the rails on Saturday while filming a promotional video for a nutritional product, according to Joshua Kendrick, a Burbank police officer.

Greg Plitt Train Running
Greg Plitt may have been running on the tracks when he was struck and killed by a Metrolink train.

Officer Kendrick said the conductor could see that someone was on the track off in the distance and used the brake and the horn, but "for one reason or another," Gregory Plitt Jr. did not get off the tracks.

"The conductor can see somebody on the tracks a distance away [...] and for one reason or another, unfortunately, Mr. Plitt did not get off the tracks."
Kendrick indicated that detectives were trying to obtain the video shot by Plitt's film crew, which shows the incident from a different angle.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that Plitt and his two-man crew did not have a permit to film on the tracks. Anyone who wishes to film on or near the railroad tracks must apply for a permit in advance.

Warren Coulter, a friend of Greg's for 15 years, said it was a "freaky moment where something got out of control," the AP reported. He indicated that Plitt was an Army Ranger who graduated from West Point and had jumped out of more than 1,000 planes in his lifetime. Coulter went on to say that the late fitness industry celebrity had a taste for the extreme, but Plitt also treated everyone and everything with respect and care.

Greg Plitt was a Baltimore native who had migrated to Los Angeles, California, more than 10 years ago. He appeared on over 200 magazine covers, two Bravo reality TV shows called "Work Out" and "Friends to Lovers," as well as NBC's "Days of Our Lives" and many other entertainment projects, according to his website.

Plitt can be seen working out on the tracks as a Metrolink train passes by in a video posted on his website. In the video, he can also be seen straddling the train tracks in a pushup position with one arm on each rail of the track.

Bravo talk show host Andy Cohen said Greg Plitt was "as nice as he was beautiful" in a tweet published on Sunday.

The Washington Post reported that Plitt's film crew consisted of only "two or three people," and some sources told the news outlets that he was filming an action sequence, while others indicated that he was shooting a commercial for an energy drink.

Greg Plitt's cause of death is still undetermined. Burbank police Sergeant Chris Canales told KTTV that authorities "don't know what they were filming out there," but suicide had been ruled out.

While no one on the train was injured, some passengers witnessed the accident. One metrolink rider, Victor Crowell, told KABC-TV that Plitt was wearing "all black," and when the train passed by, he could be seen stumbling over the tracks holding a camcorder.

He had on all black [...] I saw him stumble over the tracks. He had a camcorder in his hand.
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