Cameron Diaz Pregnant: Shotgun Wedding In December Leads To Baby Rumors

Cameron Diaz may be pregnant from her new husband Benji Madden, and those rumors have been sparked due to her very quick, shotgun marriage to Madden recently.

According to, the rumors of a Diaz pregnancy could be true, but the report notes that she might be hiding that fact in order to keep the current movie roles she has, among other reasons.

The Cameron Diaz pregnancy rumors kicked off back in December when she suddenly and in a hasty fashion, got engaged to boyfriend of only seven months, Benji Madden.

The couple reportedly tied the knot just one month after getting engaged, hence the numerous rumors that emerged following their wedding.

Even though there’s been no official announcement from either Cameron Diaz or Benji Madden regarding the pitter-patter of tiny feet, the fact they got engaged and married so quickly and quietly is bound to lead to this kind of speculation.

According to, Diaz avoided alcohol completely during her wedding, which just added to speculation that she is pregnant.

A source who claims to have been at the wedding, told reporters that when Nicole Richie’s husband, Joel Madden, was giving his best man’s speech and invited everyone for a toast, Diaz drank a glass of water instead of the champagne that everyone else was drinking.

According to that source, Diaz was clearly hiding something at the wedding, “She was self conscious about her stomach,” the guest claimed.

Due to the fact she seemed to be conscious of her belly, the source added that guests at the event were whispering among themselves, asking each other if Diaz was pregnant or simply not feeling good.

In the past Cameron Diaz has spoken openly with reporters about her wish to have a family one day, as she told the Telegraph, “If I wanted kids at any point in life, I would have them.”

But due to the fact that Diaz recently went for some really big movie roles, if she reveals she is pregnant now, a fact that remains to be clarified, she may lose those roles, and the big bucks that come with them.