All Eyes On Katy Perry Come Super Bowl Day; Singer Admits To Being Nervous

On February 1, Katy Perry will be performing at probably the biggest show of her career (so far): the Super Bowl halftime show. The “Firework” singer will be joined by Lenny Kravitz, and Idina Menzel will be performing the national anthem before kick-off. To promote the event, ESPN the Magazine released their music issue with Perry on the cover. She shares the cover with Houston Texans’ defensive end, J. J. Watt. The two were interviewed about the upcoming Super Bowl, and Katy Perry admits that she is nervous about taking to the stage in the halftime show.

“Honestly? I feel like I’ve out-dreamt my dream,” Katy Perry said. “I don’t get nervous about much, but I’ll definitely be a little tingly inside that day.”

Watt also shared his two cents about Katy Perry’s upcoming gig.

“She’s playing in a bigger game than I’ve ever gotten to play in,” the footballer said. “I’m hoping to someday be in those shoes.”

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— ESPN The Magazine (@ESPNMag) January 20, 2015

In a recent interview, Katy Perry spoke at length about getting asked to perform at the Super Bowl.

The singer said, “I put my foot down very early in the courtship. I said, ‘Look guys, here’s where I draw a line in the sand. I want to be invited on my own merits and not with some fine print.’ I stuck to my position… I don’t even care if my contract leaks… I have nothing to hide, basically.”

Perry added, “I’m all about female empowerment and uplifting people’s spirits, and people finding their own voice with songs like ‘Roar’ and ‘Firework,’ so maybe there is no better person [for the show]. Hopefully I can bring that incredible strength and empowerment to people through the performance.”

Super Bowl regulars New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will be facing each other come February 1, but it seems all eyes are also on Katy Perry and her performance. The pop star is known for her lavish stage shows as well as over the top costumes, so her fans are definitely excited about what she has under her sleeves.

The Super Bowl only picks the biggest stars for their halftime show, and Katy Perry is arguably one of the biggest pop stars right now. Her sophomore album, Teenage Dream, made history as the second album to have five No. 1 singles in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The first album to score that many No. 1 hits in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart was Michael Jackson’s Bad.

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