Marvel Comics Destroys Its Universe This May

Paul Hair

Marvel Comics will destroy its universe -- or universes -- this May and create a new one that will merge characters and storylines in what may be one of the biggest changes ever to happen at the comic book publisher.

Marvel made its major announcement on January 20 at the famed Midtown Comics in Manhattan. Three representatives for Marvel Comics were on hand: Tom Brevoort (Executive Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor-in-Chief), and Chris D'Lando (Public Relations).

Comic Vine covered the event and explained why Marvel held it.

"As Brevoort puts it, 'the Marvel Universe as you know it is done. The Ultimate Universe is done.' That's right, it's time for an 'all-new Marvel Universe.'"

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) January 20, 2015

"A new eight-issue series called 'Secret Wars' will bring an end to the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. The two universes will be smashed together in a mashup known as Battleworld."
"'This is putting an end cap on decades of stories,' editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said of the eight-part series launching in May. 'This is a place where we'll be putting new pieces on the board and taking old pieces off.'"

"'We're working with a lot of licensees for this,' Marvel's Chris D'Lando added, naming Hasbro, Upper Deck, Mattel's Hot Wheels line, and Funko as partners already signed to produce new product for the event. Additionally, Marvel's games team is 'working on developing interactive content' related to Secret Wars that will be revealed in the future."

It's also possible that Marvel is making changes to its comic books because of the success of its movies, but Marvel is currently denying that this is the case.

Comic Vine reported the Marvel representatives in Midtown Comics said the comic books are autonomous from the movies.

"As for the movies and whether the publisher's inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Alonso pointed out that all of those stories started in comic book pages. 'We tell our own stories. You will be shocked by the chances we're taking in this story and beyond.'"

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) January 20, 2015

"As Marvel's movies have become more successful, a number of comic book fans have taken increasing umbrage at the idea that Marvel's comic books have started to take direction from their cinematic brethren."

The Inquisitr previously reported on Marvel, and other comic book companies, increasingly attempting to incorporate diversity into their stories. No word yet on if the relaunch of the Marvel comic book universe will be part of this effort.

[Image via official Marvel Twitter account]