Selling For $70,800 On Flippa, 22-Year-Old Website Creator Talks 8-Day-Old Website

By now you may have heard of the website called that went viral after being shared on Reddit, as reported by the Inquisitr. Because of all the attention and traffic that Reddit users sent the Ship Your Enemies Glitter website, as well as the interwebs catching on to the glitter-shipping website’s humor and sending it even more viral, founder Mathew Carpenter discovered himself in a bind. He begged folks to stop buying the horrible glitter product, reports Time.

“ now passed reserve on Flippa! By now you have probably heard about, the viral site which lets you send your enemies an envelope full of glitter. The site made over $20,000 in sales in just 24 hours before the owner decided to sell it. Now you can buy it on Flippa!The site is now sitting at $70,800 after a huge 338 bids and is due to close at 5:30 pm PST, Wed 21st Jan.” ended up getting one million visits, 270,000 social shares and five-figure sales in 24 hours, therefore Carpenter put the website up for sale. According to Flippa, that was a good move, because the website-selling service reports that the bids for the “Ship Your Enemies Glitter” are up to $70,800 and counting.

“The Market Wrap: This week on Flippa: takes home every award we have including most popular, most bids and most watched! Plus it’s passed reserve at $70,800 with a huge 338 bids.”

Indeed, the Flippa listing for Ship Your Enemies Glitter is abuzz with 122 comments and more information about the 22-year-old Carpenter, who hails from Newscastle, Australia. Mathew says he’s been building websites since he was 15-years-old, but probably none have brought him the windfall he’s now experiencing with his “Ship Your Enemies Glitter” brainchild.

“$20,000+ in sales and 2.5 million visits in 4 days, hugely popular viral site! As seen in Entrepreneur Magazine, Time Magazine, Yahoo, USA Today, Slate, DailyMail, FastCompany, Mashable, and more! This popular viral site allows you to send your enemies glitter filled letters!!!”

Amazingly, the glitter website was just launched on January 12 — making only eight days old as of this writing. It has already experienced a surge of attention that most site owners wish they could experience. In his website description, Mathew talks about the nuts and bolts of the site.

“ is a website that allows users to purchase an envelope filled with glitter that is sent to one of their enemies for only $9.99. Although the idea is a bit farfetched, it’s caught on in a big way.”

Indeed, with Flippa reporting only one day left in the auction for the “Ship Your Enemies Glitter” website, it appears entrepreneurs are set to take over the glitter-shipping duties and make a monetary killing in the process. In the listing, Mathew notes publications from USA Today to Yahoo! and more that have covered the glitter website buzz.

[Image via the Ship Your Enemies Glitter website]