‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off Rumors: Characters Dead, Show Title Revealed?

The Walking Dead spin-off is gaining steam, and fans are so excited for any details on the upcoming series. However, with the news of the show has come some rumors, which are finally being debunked.

According to the International Business Times, one rumor that has really taken off about the new spin-off is that the title is Fear The Walking Dead. This is true in a way, but not 100 percent accurate. AMC has confirmed that title is the show’s “working title,” and just like any other project will likely be changed before the series ever hits airwaves.

While details on the new spin-off are being kept mostly under wraps, AMC and the creators have given away a few details to help feed the hungry fans who are dying to know what’s in store for the show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Walking Dead spin-off will take place in Los Angeles.

The time frame of the new show is also very different. Instead of being in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, the new characters will are just on the cusp of the tragedy, hearing rumors of zombies walking the earth, and that the CDC is trying to shut the rumblings down.

Bleeding Cool reveals the synopsis of the show.

“This is not that show, at least not in the pilot script. The intro gives you a swerve, but the infection has not taken hold yet. The “walkers” are not yet known to the population at large, as society stands on the cusp of its own destruction.”

While Robert Kirkman recently revealed that The Walking Dead spin-off will very much be about family.

“I will say that this is going to be a show about family. But it’s going to be a show about a different type of family that we haven’t explored in The Walking Dead thus far.”

Fans immediately began to speculate, and one of the biggest rumors were, that the characters were a family of zombies, and that the story could be told from the perspective of the walkers instead of the survivors, much like the film Warm Bodies.

While that doesn’t seem likely, it would be very interesting to see the other point of view, if the undead had one. Meanwhile, it looks like this will be another show much like the original. The new characters will likely be gripping, and the added element that it begins at the actual beginning of the apocalypse will be fun to watch.

What do you think about the rumors surrounding The Walking Dead spin-off?

[Image Credit: AMC]