WWE News: NXT Championship Tournament To Announce Number One Contender Starts This Week

When asked, the hardcore WWE fan will explain why NXT R Evolution was the best WWE production in a long time. Not only that, but it was arguably the best wrestling event in the last 10 years. While that opinion isn’t accurate for every WWE fan, the response to it from the WWE’s main roster and fans around the world say otherwise.

After the next NXT special was announced, the WWE is keeping NXT highly-entertaining by adding a new concept that will begin tomorrow night on the WWE Network.

As noted, a #1 contenders tournament will begin on this week’s WWE NXT with the winner facing NXT Champion Sami Zayn at a later date. Participants in the tournament include Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Baron Corbin, Bull Dempsey, Curtis Axel, Tyler Breeze, Adrian Neville and Tyson Kidd.

Each WWE superstar that will participate in the tournament will add something special to each match. Most likely, Balor or Itami won’t win the tournament. Guys like Corbin and Dempsey will likely eliminate each other. That will leave Kevin Owens open to enter late and face Zayn for the coveted NXT championship.

Just like the NXT Tournament and new NXT special, Kalisto is bound to make his debut on the WWE’s main roster. Also, the long-awaited appearance of Solomon Crowe is close, as Crowe will make his debut on NXT television very soon.

A lot of things are happening to NXT right now as Triple H can take a lot of responsibility for doing. It’s because of Triple H that NXT is accomplishing what they are, currently. NXT feels like an indy show, but rather they are doing something that an indy show can’t say they did successfully. They are making WWE fans buy something to watch it.

It’s exclusively on the WWE Network, which is one major reason why it has as many subscribers as it does. Justin LaBar, columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, talked about the Ascension in WWE and made an interesting statement about NXT in general.

“I love NXT. It’s different. It’s an indy show with a million dollar budget. It’s done in a small, intimate venue with the same fans, more of the hardcore type, who will chant anything.”

While he’s accurate with that statement, sometimes NXT doesn’t feel like an indy show. Not all guys that make it in NXT do well on the main roster.

For example, Bo Dallas, Xavier Woods, Big E and Adam Rose didn’t translate well to Raw or Smackdown. It’s unfortunate for the WWE that it occurs, but that’s what happens on WWE programming at times. Either way, expect NXT to vamp its programming up in the next few months for WrestleMania season, if that’s even possible to make it better.

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