Want To Know How Football Hottie Tim Tebow Is Spending Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day — a day to celebrate cupid’s arrow hitting you straight in the heart. Who better to spend Valentine’s Day with than that football hottie, Tim Tebow. Want to know how Tim Tebow is spending his Valentine’s Day? It’s probably not how you’d think.

Is the former NFL superstar spending Valentine’s Day with a certain special someone? Nope. He’s spending it with loads of people who are special to him.

The Tim Tebow Foundation has organized “A Night to Shine” for Valentine’s Day night. The event is set to take place at over 50 churches nationwide and will provide a special Valentine’s night for over 7,000 special needs kids.

“A Night to Shine” is all about providing a prom night on Valentine’s Day that these kids will never forget.

Our goal is to make every individual feel special and loved that night, as if they’re the only ones there,” Debbie Fasano, who is organizing the event, told Fox News.

And they are sure to feel special. The guests will get the red carpet treatment with an actual red carpet along with “professional-grade hair styling and makeup, along with photography” according to IJReview.

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than enjoying dancing, food, and games? And what’s more is that each attendee will receive “a crown or tiara to help them commemorate the evening.”

“We are so excited to be able to create this opportunity for thousands of people around the country with special needs,” Tebow said in a statement about his foundation’s Valentine’s Day plans.

The Valentine’s Day celebration will take place in 26 other states and also the Amazing Grace International Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya and Ekisa Ministries in Jinja, Uganda. Tebow is really spreading that love.

Tebow is known for using his foundation to do such good works as building playgrounds for children’s hospitals and “helps facilitate adoptions.”

So many people are excited for their “Night to Shine” this Valentine’s Day, promoting it all over Twitter.

The former NFL player known for taking a knee in a different way is showing us how we all should be spending Valentine’s Day this year — by helping others.

[Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post]