Joe Giudice Not Coping Well: Did Teresa Sell Fake Magazine Covers?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice is learning how to take care of his four daughters without the help of his wife, Teresa Giudice. She entered jail on January 5 to serve 15 months behind bars for mortgage and tax fraud. She could be released earlier for good behavior. Once she is released, Joe is expected to turn himself in and serve over three years behind bars.

Apparently, Joe Giudice isn’t coping well when it comes to handling everything on his own. His family is rallying behind him, as Kathy and Richard Wakile recently stopped by for “hours of laughing” with this father of four. But since his wife was his rock, it is possible that he is having a hard time managing everything on his own. According to the Inquisitr, the family just recently went to visit Teresa Giudice in jail even though she has been behind bars for over two weeks.

According to a new Examiner report, Joe Giudice is supposedly struggling in the New Jersey mansion. Apparently, he can’t get the girls to help him out in the home, including making sure the household is running smoothly.

“Gia’s been a wild child, and Joe flipped out. It gets ugly,” a source has revealed about the family without Teresa.

Prior to going away, Gia Giudice revealed that she would step up and be a role model for her three younger siblings. But Gia is also entering the moody teenage years, so she may have taken on more than she originally bargained for.

Plus, Joe Giudice has to deal with the various stories surrounding his family on his own now. Luckily, Joe isn’t on Twitter or other social media networks, so he can stay away from all of the negative comments. But this week, Joe’s name is mentioned in a story, which points out that both him and Teresa Giudice sold stories about themselves to make extra money.

“Teresa and Joe have long been involved in selling stories out about themselves,” an insider has revealed, adding, “Basically, Teresa and Joe would sell out one story to a magazine. They would make money on the story, which is why they sold it.”

Apparently, the couple would sell one story to one magazine, and then sell a retraction to another magazine, making double the money for a lie. One of the stories that caused speculations was the story about Teresa being pregnant before going to jail.

“Teresa and Joe were milking the magazine circuit in order to make the maximum amount of money. They would sell a story to one publication, and then sell a retraction to another publication. No one ever knew what the truth was!” the source adds.

What do you think of Joe Giudice struggling to keep things together while Teresa is away?

[Image via Bravo]