WWE News: John Cena And Triple H React To Sting’s ‘Monday Night Raw’ Debut

Last night was a historic night on Monday Night Raw. WWE finally pulled out the big guns to make sure the WWE fans went home happy with the Royal Rumble five days away. Let’s first set the scene in the main event.

If John Cena lost his match against Kane, Big Show and Seth Rollins, he would get the jobs back of Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback. If Cena lost the match, he would give up his spot in the Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship against Brock Lesnar and Rollins.

Just as the WWE Universe thought Cena was going to lose, Sting appears on the titantron and the WWE Universe goes absolutely ballistic. Sting then runs from the back and sets foot on the Raw stage. He simply points at the Authority, mainly Triple H, while Cena rolls up Rollins for the pin. Sting’s Monday Night Raw debut was incredibly anticipated ever since he showed up at Survivor Series.

Last night after Monday Night Raw, John Cena caught up with the WWE cameras backstage to talk about Sting’s debut and “righting the wrong.”

Cena did exactly what he told the WWE Universe he would do before the match took place. From a WWE Creative standpoint, he had to be victorious because the three men that the Authority fired need to be at the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

They had to make the task nearly impossible to sell Sting’s debut on Raw. If Cena was in a simple 1-on-1 match, then he wouldn’t have needed Sting’s help. Cena’s won 1-on-1 matches before, so the debut would’ve been worthless. Since he had to take on three men, along with everyone at ringside, the debut was a bit more predictable.

As for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, they also reacted to Sting’s debut on Monday Night Raw. McMahon uses an infamous line said by her father saying, “Don’t cross the boss.”

There’s still an unknown amount of times that Sting will appear on WWE programming, but it is known that he will be at WrestleMania 31. Last night on Raw solidified that he will be facing Triple H at the prestigious wrestling event. Next week on Raw, Triple H will call out Sting and he might show up, or just keep the Authority sweating.

WWE’s usage of Sting has created a lot of argument among WWE fans since Survivor Series. However, WWE’s argument back is that Sting is a special attraction and should be used accordingly. Last night’s main event started the true “Road to WrestleMania 31” with nearly two months till the Grandaddy of Them All.

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