Kourtney Kardashian Has Reportedly Hired Spies To Catch Scott Disick Drinking

Kourtney Kardashian finds herself in an increasingly tricky situation as she juggles between caring for her three kids while trying to keep their daddy off the booze and on the proverbial “straight and narrow.”

As most people know, when it comes to managing other people’s addictions, especially alcohol, which is so easily and widely available, life isn’t easy, and that applies even more when there are young kids involved.

So, according to the latest report from Radar Online, instead of taking Scott’s word for it, Kourtney Kardashian is taking matters into her own hands, so to speak, and has allegedly hired spies to catch him in the act.

According to the report, Scott is currently partying pretty hard, visiting nightclubs with friends on a regular basis, and Kourtney wants at least some control over the matter, before he goes AWOL completely. “Just to be safe, Kourtney has had people watching him at all of the events he attended. Kourtney literally hired spies to catch Scott drinking and that is just sad,” an insider told Radar.

It even seems that Scott Disick may be wise to his baby-mama’s underhanded tactics, as he was seen and photographed at an event in Las Vegas, Nevada, last Saturday, where he made a point of showing he was not drinking alcohol at the event, only bottled water.

As the insider told the publication, while, “Scott is good at covering his tracks,” when it comes to drinking binges, Kourtney “is also always very good at catching him,” as the source added, “Scott is an awful liar and Kourtney always finds out.”

The issue no — especially since the couple has three kids with one of them being virtually a newborn — is the future of the relationship. As the source concluded, “She has given Scott enough chances and if he goes into a bender right now, this will be the end and she will leave him.”

Let’s hope for now that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick can do the right thing, at least by their kids, and try to make the relationship between themselves work for now, as well as for the long-term.