WWE News: WWE Executive Triple H Breaks Character At WWE RAW To Console A Crying Fan

In WWE, you have good guys and bad guys. With any TV show, you have characters playing each part to their best possible ability. Sometimes kids aren’t able to understand that the people in the ring each week are only playing a character. So it should come as no surprise that children let emotions out during events when things get a little crazy. One young fan was unable to hold back his tears as he began to cry toward the end of WWE RAW this past Monday.

Real life WWE Executive Triple H saw the young fan crying and decided to do something about it. Triple H plays an authority role on television. He is called a heel or bad guy. Basically, he is the guy everyone is supposed to boo and hate. He makes the life harder for the other WWE Superstars being a power hungry storyline COO who has power that cannot be stopped.

Despite the fact that he plays such a character, he decided to break it and check on the young fan. He went over to him and consoled him until he stopped crying, which has sent a trend across social media with a picture saying “good guy Triple H.” The original picture of him with the young fan can be seen below. The fan also got some WWE merchandise and was allowed to go backstage after the show to meet WWE Superstars and Divas.

Triple H fan

There are conflicting stories involving why the fan is crying however. The main rumor is that Triple H was playing up his heel character ringside and it set the fan into a crying spell. It is uncertain if he spoke to the young fan which resulted in the crying or he simply overheard what Triple H said to others.

Regardless of what happened and why the child began crying, Triple H was still nice enough to break his bad guy character and help the fan stop crying. Triple H also slightly broke character earlier in the night when he was with The Kliq in a segment. Speaking of The Kliq, Triple H also broke character at a live event in Madison Square Garden in the 90’s by hugging members Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as they were headed off to WCW. Triple H would lose the push he was on at the time as a result, which resulted in the rise of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin who ended up winning the King of the Ring tournament Triple H was originally set to win.

This was where Austin 3:16 was born.

So at the end of the day, WWE higher ups may be too hard on Triple H over the incident. It is making good press right now, shedding a good light on WWE. Plus, when Triple H breaks character, good things seem to happen. As we can see now, the record is still holding up.

[IMG Credits: Twitter-@Bcain_3, Sports Keeda]