‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Geraldo Rivera Sings And Dances His Way To A Team Loss [Video]

This week, Rivera compared his mind to an erupting mountain. Here’s what Geraldo said.

“My mind is like a volcano. It’s constantly spewing. I’m amazed by my own endless creativity. I don’t mean that to be egotistical.”

Some people beg to differ and claim Geraldo Rivera is amazed by his own egotism.

In this week’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice Geraldo’s team, led by Lorenzo Lamas, lost. The teams were challenged to create a viral advertising video for Chock Full o’ Nuts coffee. It so happens that Lamas directed Geraldo Rivera and Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 fame in the video where Geraldo dresses in a top hat, tails, and cane, while he dances, singing the coffee’s old-time jingle.

Billionaire Donald Trump’s reality business-oriented television show has contestants doing different tasks each week to win $250,000 for their charity. This week Geraldo Rivera danced and sang his way for a team loss.

However, project manager Lorenzo Lamas was actually fired by the show’s producer and host, Donald Trump. Lamas said Trump made the right choice by firing him. Nonetheless, there are claims that Geraldo Rivera’s song and dance routine was boring.

Rivera’s team created the video with Geraldo Rivera singing and dancing the traditional jingle on New York City streets. The team chose the Chock Full o’ Nuts coffee jingle that dates back to the 50s and 60s. Kate Gosselin accompanied Rivera in both song and dance. However, the video lacked the potential of going viral, according to Trump.

The winning video included a fantasy catfight between Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville. One can see why a video between two young women, wrestling in a bed would beat out Geraldo Rivera when it comes to going viral.

Entertainment Weekly reported Geraldo walked around Washington Square Park looking a little like Mr. Peanut in the video his team created. Ultimately, Lorenzo Lamas refused to bring anyone back into the boardroom, and Trump fired him on the spot. Geraldo Rivera escaped being discharged from The Celebrity Apprentice one more week.

[Image courtesy of Newsy]