Madonna Hit Album ‘Rebel Heart’ Tracklist Revealed: Some Fans Have Meltdown

Even though Madonna was forced to release six tracks from her new album Rebel Heart three months in advance, the move has paid off. Rebel Heart has sold around 60,000 copies, based on pre-orders, in the United States alone. Internationally, Madonna has sold over 200,000 copies. Imagine how much she will sell when Rebel Heart is actually released!

Fans have heard more than 30 leaked Rebel Heart demos. They were hoping that some of the best demos such as “Beautiful Scars,” “Tragic Girl,” and “Borrowed Time” would make the final Rebel Heart cut. Unfortunately, they didn’t. Shockingly, the most well-received song of the leaks, “Addicted (The One That Got Away),” didn’t make the cut either. Here is a picture of the final track listing.

Rebel Heart

Perhaps the most interesting track Madonna decided to include on Rebel Heart is “Iconic,” which features Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson. Even though Mike Tyson has spent time for his alleged crimes, some still want to see him crucified. Perhaps Madonna, crucified herself for mostly false reasons, identifies with him. The rapper Nas also appears on the Rebel Heart track “Veni Vedi Vici.”

Happy or not, Madonna’s fans chimed in on Twitter.

On Facebook, many Madonna fans said that people shouldn’t judge Madonna for not including demos they weren’t supposed to hear in the first place. Perhaps some of the Rebel Heart demos will show up on future albums or be given to other artists. Either way, Rebel Heart has, so far, received excellent reviews. Time says Madonna’s new album is shaping up to be her best in a decade.

“The songs that lead off this first Rebel Heart blast, lead single ‘Living for Love’ and ‘Devil Pray,’ could fit in neatly on the radio beside this year’s British house-pop crossovers and Avicii’s own ‘Hey Brother.’ If the complete version of ‘Rebel Heart,’ due March 10th via Interscope, can deliver a few more of those easy scores alongside a bit more adventurous songwriting, the album could be Madonna’s finest in almost a decade.”

Madonna is expected to start promoting Rebel Heart this week. She just filmed a video for lead single, “Living for Love,” and is expected to perform at the Grammys on February 8. Then, two weeks later, Madonna will appear at the Brit Awards in London. There are also rumors she will launch a promotional tour in April and play shows in France, London, and New York City. What do you think of Madonna’s Rebel Heart tracklist?

[Photo Credit: Interscope]