Nathan Kress' Roommate Starts 2015 As A Real 'Party Animal,' Gets Feedback

Antonio J. Newell

Having starred in Into the Storm, Nathan Kress seems to have grown into his own nowadays. The iCarly star has moved on, and has begun pursuing bigger things — starting with new 2015 living arrangements.

As can be seen from Nathan Kress' Twitter account, he talks often about the joys of having a roommate. Face it, roommates can be fun — even to celebrities.

— Nathan Kress (@NathanKress) November 2, 2014

On January 19 — via Nathan Kress' Instagram — he mentions the newbie, stating that he's a "bit of a party animal."

Nathan Kress' roommate seems happy to shine in the limelight for a moment. Little does he know, in under an hour, he had over 13,500 likes. Famous already.

Likewise, the photo posted to Nathan Kress' Twitter, and fans took to it instantly. Several have been coming up with names for him. One clever commentator noted that he should be called "Kressant" — kind of a funny play-on-words to "croissant."

However, as can be expected, the good often comes with the bad. Some speculators say that he got the dog only because he looks similar to Miranda Cosgrove's "Penelope." In case you're unaware, like Kress, she's a famous actress from the show, iCarly.

Yet, this is not confirmed and is only rumor. Though his fictional character on iCarly, Freddie Benson, was in love with Carly, it's doubtful that it's the case in actuality. The two seem to just be good friends.

Along with Nathan Kress' roommate, it seems that Kress has matured quite a bit. As part of a new year's resolution, he states his plans for 2015.

"First life lesson of 2015. Psyched for more of these, but my resolution is to stop having to learn em the hard way."

Of course, his tweet hints at someone he might have been attracted to. But as can be seen, that's possibly old news now. So, maybe Nathan Kress' roommate is for comfort. At 22 years of age, it's totally understandable to feel like you'd need a friend by your side. Sometimes, it's difficult dealing with matters of the heart. However, when you have a "roommate" or "man's best friend" by your side, it's not as hard.

What are your thoughts about Nathan Kress' roommate? Is he going to fit in? Do you think Kress has matured since his iCarly days?

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