Bruce Jenner Being Pressured To Deny Sex Change Rumors By His Ex, Kris Jenner?

Bruce Jenner hasn’t said much about the rumors that he wants to become a woman, which is making people believe that’s really what’s going on. Since InTouch Weekly ran a cover story with an altered photo of Bruce dressed as a chick in full makeup, people have been wondering what’s really going on. Well, according to Radar Online, Kris Jenner has been telling her ex that he should release a statement, and deny those pesky sex change rumors, but he’s refusing to do so.

“Kris has been pressuring Bruce to issue a statement about ongoing sex change rumors, and she wants it to be a very strong denial. She believes that putting out a statement would stop these ongoing rumors, and doesn’t understand why Bruce won’t do it. But whenever the subject comes up, Bruce just shuts her down. This is extremely sensitive for Bruce, and it’s his choice not to address it,” said a source.

Bruce Jenner hasn’t said too much about his recent changes, and he hasn’t done much to sway the public from believing what has been said about him. In fact, Kris Jenner has been more outspoken than Bruce, and has denied the rumors left and right for years. According to The Christian Times, Kris wasn’t at all happy with the InTouch cover that everyone has now seen. She called the report “out of touch with reality,” but there wasn’t a comment from her ex at all.

At the time, reports indicated that Bruce didn’t pay too much attention to the cover, and that stuff like that doesn’t bother him much at all. And while many believe that Bruce does want to be a woman, some believe that he’s just an easy target. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, actor/comedian Russell Brand recently spoke out about the media’s obsession with Jenner, and his feminine qualities. In fact, Brand thinks the media is bullying Jenner.

“It’s such a celebration of the worst aspects of human values. What this does is it sanctions people being judgmental and cruel towards transgender folk. This climate of bullying and judgement and cruelty is a violence of its own nature.”

If Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman, he’s going to become a woman. If he doesn’t feel the need to talk about his sexuality with the public, he doesn’t have to. However, do you think that the media has a right to question him? Or do you agree with Russell Brand?

[Photo courtesy of RA/Pacific Coast News via People Magazine]