Will Sheila Giudice Replace Sister Teresa On ‘RHONJ?’

Will Sheila Giudice be featured on the upcoming seventh season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? As rumors swirl regarding the new season of the Bravo reality show, a source has claimed Teresa Giudice’s sister may be taking her spot on the show.

On January 19, Radar Online reported the following:

“Sheila may be vying for a spot on the show now that Teresa is away. Teresa and Sheila never got along. In fact, they hated each other. Teresa used to badmouth her all the time, both to friends and cast members on the show. This is why the scene where Teresa filmed with Joe’s family this season was laughable, as she always loathed them and suddenly was putting on a front like they were inseparably close.”

On January 5, Teresa Giudice entered into a 15-month prison sentence, which has understandable presented Bravo producers with a tough decision. Do they move on without her, or do they wait to film season seven until she’s returned home?

As the Inquisitr reported last week, the latest report claimed the show was going to be put on hold. A source told TMZ producers were “strongly leaning” towards placing the show on hiatus until early next year.

According to the source, Sheila Giudice may be putting on a show in an effort to appear as if she’s a supporter of Teresa. Then, the source alleges, she’ll seem like a good choice for the show.

“Sheila and her husband were present the day of Teresa’s sentencing, which was suspect because of their past relationship, and ever since Teresa went to jail, she has been all over social media defending Teresa. It’s almost like Sheila is hoping to garner Teresa’s fans in her court so she could go on the show and steal her spotlight!”

A second source added, “It’s definitely a possibility (that she wants on). Sheila has her own agenda. They certainly could use the money.”

Still, Sheila Giudice may not have what it takes to be a part of the hit series.

“Sheila doesn’t have the flair to be a housewife. She’s just not cut from that cloth.”

In addition, claims the source, Sheila and Peter are hiding a few shocking details of their life, which would certainly come out if they were to join the show full-time.

“Sheila and her husband have skeletons in their closet they likely wouldn’t want revealed to the public.”

Sheila Giudice hasn’t yet commented on the story.

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