Claudia Jordan Threatens To Delete And Block ‘RHOA’ Fans From Instagram

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan has already been labeled the “most hated” housewife on the show because she isn’t scared to hold back. And maybe this is why people don’t like her. Claudia doesn’t talk behind people’s backs, and she isn’t scared to share her thoughts, which can only mean that she is making some enemies along the way.

This week, Claudia Jordan completely challenged NeNe Leakes, who is often blaming the other women of being jealous of her success. And while Leakes was shocked, Jordan stood her ground. Given her behavior, there are plenty of discussions going around about Claudia, but today, she asked her fans to please withhold their thoughts about the show.

According to a new Instagram post, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan is now revealing that she wants to celebrate Martin Luther King day and she said that she wants people to keep their negative comments or thoughts about The Real Housewives of Atlanta to themselves.

“Happy MLK Jr. day!!! No #rhoa or negative posts on this picture or you will be blocked, reported for spam and deleted. I’m so serious! Today is a day that many people still don’t think this amazing Leader deserved a holiday for- and that is sad,” Claudia Jordan reveals on her Instagram account, asking people to please withhold comments that are negative or about The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“This man stood up for so many black and white and wanted the world where we all could co-exist peacefully and equally. He did so much for us and gave his life, and it saddens me when some forget his sacrifice. Let’s take today to reflect on all Dr. King preached about- and what his message was and apply it to our lives. I know I’m not perfect, and a self-admitted work in progress- but even with that knowledge of self- I know I can always do better and I will. Will you? And what do Dr. King and his message mean to you?” Claudia asked on Instagram.

It is very interesting that Claudia Jordan is asking people to please stay positive on her page, given she has been getting some heat lately. According to the Inquisitr, Claudia Jordan was shocked to see that a report had surfaced where she made some comments about dark-skinned individuals. People were furious, but Jordan says that the comment was taken out of context.

What do you think about Claudia Jordan’s comment about deleting The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans from Instagram? Do you think it is a bit extreme?

[Image via Reality Tea]