Lou Ferrigno, Adam Corolla, Penn Jillette, Aubrey O’Day Talk Celebrity Apprentice

Lou Ferrigno, Adam Corolla, Penn Jillette, and Aubrey O’Day were amongst the names announced for this year’s Celebrity Apprentice earlier this week, in an unveiling that, in many cases, stretched the definition of ‘celebrity’ to breaking point. Said quartet gave an interview to Reality TV Magazine, in which they reflected (they’ve already shot some of it, y’see) on the season.

Mostly it’s a love-in (Ferrigno’s only contribution is talking about “a bunch of great talent, great people,” which suggests he may be talking up a different show), and Penn Jillette gushes for an almost awkward length of time about the merits of Paul Senior.

Aubrey O’Day modestly said she was way better at ‘real-life’ jobs than she expected (thanks for coming down to our level, Aubrey), and noted her strongest point was being able to manipulate the men. Adam Corolla came across as unnervingly similar to, err, me when he said:

“I found out that I was basically a puss who couldn’t handle 6-1/2 hours of sleep six days a week and needed a TiVo and/or DVR apparatus not more than 3 feet away from me no matter where I was.”

Penn Jillette admitted Celebrity Appearance, sorry, Apprentice was even beyond his magical powers, saying the only mind game he engaged in was “being in a tiger cage and numb,” which sounds dramatic. Disappointingly, none of them were pressed for their true views on His Wigginess and Future President of the United States of America Donald Trump.

Aside from that deflating omission, it’s a decent read that can be viewed in full here. And remember folks, the new season of Celebrity Apprentice premieres Sunday, February 12th. Who’s watching?