Five Possible Reasons for Amber Rose's New Pics, 'I Appreciate You' Comment

As can be seen from the internet, Amber Rose's new pics are the "talk of the town." However, though great photos, they're being met with a lot of criticism and speculation. Here are five reasons many believe are the motives behind the pics.

5. She Has No Talent

Other than twerking, mounds of people outside of her fan base say that she has no talent whatsoever. And since this is the supposed case, she has to resort to the "only good thing going for her" — her body. Though her body is tight, isn't it kind of harsh to say that she has zero talent? Everyone has something he or she does well. Unfortunately, these spectators and commentators say that her skill is twerking. But Amber Rose's new pics seem to say she could continue modeling as well. Possibly these commentators don't know much about Rose and Ono or her modeling life prior to the Khalifa-Rose duo?

4. She's Looking For A New Bae

Definitely, it's known that since her major separation from Cameron Thomaz, a.k.a. Wiz Khalifa, she can be seen around major spots and dancing on major artists — such as the video of her dancing on Chris Brown. Some think that she's trying to catch someone new. Surely, Amber Rose's new pics could lure someone who's willing to have her as some "arm candy." Yet, things might not be as they seem, according to the next reason.

3. She's Trying To Make Khalifa Miss Her

Regardless of Amber Rose's new pics, it's totally and embarrassingly apparent how unbothered Wiz seems by her absence. If he misses her, he has hidden it in a way that even Scooby-Doo — for a whole box of Scooby Snacks — wouldn't be able to sniff out. However, his private feelings are other matters. Confidentially, a smile can hide even the most turbulent of issues. So, he could actually be torn on the inside.

As for the video of her dancing on Chris Brown, though this isn't actually his exact reaction, it is a funny depiction of the way it seems.

Many times, when couples separate, one attempts to get the other's attention — whether by direct or indirect contact. Though the method is indirect, the stringed thong Amber Rose is wearing in her new pics could surely be an appeal to Khalifa's intimate memories.

2. She Wants Khalifa And His Lifestyle Back

Once known as Kanye West's arm piece, Rose made even more of a name for herself with Khalifa — even marrying him. She became used to a certain lifestyle, not to say she didn't have a similar lifestyle with Kanye. Wiz is simply more laid back and anti-controversial — while Kanye, especially in recent years, has been known to pop up at a venue in a fresh new kilt and a pair of "I just beat the last stage of Zelda" boots.

Kanye Boots

According to Amber Rose's Instagram post — as seen on Madame Noire — she updated that she wants to get back with him — in response to a comment made by an Instagram user who stated that the two should give it another try. Similar to the aforementioned reason, Amber Rose's new pics could be an "I miss you" statement directed at Khalifa — silently stating that she is his if he wants her.

Who was she addressing in this Instagram January 18th update where she says, "I appreciate you"? Wiz? The fans? Herself? God? Who?

1. She's Enjoying The Single Life And Enjoys Her Own Body

It's not a crime to be confident and know you look good. As the saying goes, "if you've got it, flaunt it," right? It is incredibly difficult to pretend that Amber Rose's new pics aren't drop-dead gorgeous. As a single woman, she can display her body however she deems fit. And possibly this is the reaction she has to the haters.

Amber Rose Instagram Pic

Whether the commentary is positive or negative, Amber Rose seems to stay strong and maintain a smile.

What are your thoughts to the rumors? Which do you think is the reason Amber Rose's new pics? Think Wiz and Amber will be back together before Valentine's Day 2015?

[Feature Image via Instagram, Video via YouTube]