Watch This Amazingly Strong Woman Do Some Impressive Pullups [Video]

Pull ups are difficult for even those with pretty decent upper body strength. However, this woman takes the pullup to a whole new level by slowing down the process and adding some midair dance moves.

Mashable is calling this woman the “Beyoncé of pull ups” and if you watch the video, you will quickly understand why. The woman in the video is Marisa Inda and she has not only killer upper body strength, but also a rock solid core. The moves that Marisa is able to do while hanging precariously from the chin up bar is not to be taken lightly. As many commenting on the video point out, though she only completed 3 complete pull ups, the fact that she took them so slowly shows how physically fit she really is.

It isn’t just pull ups that Marisa adds a little dance flow to, check out her pretty amazing “push up” flow below.

What do you think of Marisa’s fancy pull up footwork?