UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Breaks Silence On Drug Addiction Rumors, Claims He’s Not An Addict

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones recently found himself in trouble after testing positive for cocaine during the normal drug screening before his title defense at UFC 182 against Daniel Cormier. Jones defeated Cormier and then it seemed that right after, we heard the reports of Jones testing positive for cocaine. UFC President Dana White claimed that they actually ran the wrong test for Jones that day, so we may never have known of Jones doing anything wrong if the test was normal.

The UFC did decide to slap Jones on the wrist for his violation of their code of conduct. However, it was only $25,000.

Jones’ mother claims that Jon went to a friends house and did something he was not supposed to. In other words, Jones certainly didn’t keep his nose clean. While the at one point stimulated Jones did take in the teacher’s chalk with his friends, he wants to make it a point that he is not a drug addict. Jones will break his silence in a pre-taped interview for Fox Sports 1 that airs on Monday night at 11/10c.

In the preview for the interview, Jones claims as follows.

“It was just a really embarrassing situation. And I had to explain to so many people that I’m not a cocaine addict by any means. I’m not even a frequent user, I just made a really dumb decision. Just really got caught with my pants down in this whole situation.”

While Jones may not be drug addict, we have to wonder why he would make the decision to even go close to the white stuff knowing he had a fight coming up. He is used to being tested before fights. Regardless, Jones did enter rehab to get help for his potential issue. However, he only spent about 24 hours in the program. This made many wonder why he even went at all.

One-on-one with “Bones” Jones will be an interesting interview for Fox Sports. Many want answers from him on why he would make a terrible decision. Many also wonder if he’ll do it again. Plus, cocaine is not some random drug like marijuana, where you can access it relatively easy and seemingly every other young person knows a person to get it from.

Nose candy isn’t just something you do recreationally nearly as much as weed. So why Jones would jump to it and how he felt like it would be the best thing to do is puzzling. Had he done it before? Was he drunk or high when he made the decision to do the devil’s dandruff? The interview will certainly shed light on questions that many want answers to.

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