Henry Cavill Photographed With Emotional Support Dog: Is Superman Afraid Of Flying?

Henry Cavill can’t leap up into the sky and fly like a bird — the Batman v Superman star has to rely on a plane to jet around the world.

Cavill also isn’t quite as brave as the superhero he’s known for playing. In order to feel comfortable being thousands of feet up in the air, Henry Cavill has to have a furry companion by his side. According to the Daily Mail, Cavill was recently spotted at Los Angeles’ LAX airport with his dog, an Akita named Kal-El. The dog sported a vest that read, “Working. Do not pet. Emotional Support Dog.” TMZ shared a video of the actor with his pet.

It’s possible that Henry doesn’t really need his Akita around to calm his nerves while he’s flying — perhaps he had Kal-El designated as an emotional support dog in order to make traveling with his pet easier and to keep his furry friend out of cargo. According to Service Dog Central, “there is no national mechanism in place for certifying or licensing service dogs.” This means it’s possible that Kal-El didn’t have to go through any special training to earn that fancy vest. However, the Mail points out that Henry Cavill did have to get a doctor’s note designating Kal-El as an emotional support dog.

“Under a unique U.S. Department of Transportation rule, passengers are allowed to take their dogs on flights if they have a doctor’s letter stating the animal ‘is necessary to their mental health or treatment.'”

The Mail reports that Ryan Gosling has also used this trick to fly with his dog George, and it’s not hard to see why celebrities want to keep their canine companions in the cabin with them when they travel. According to Mashable, there were 21 pet deaths on airlines in 2013. This number might not seem very large, but most pet owners would rather be safe than sorry. The American Humane Society says that responsible dog owners should not transport their pets by plane unless it’s absolutely necessary, and the organization recommends choosing the cabin when leaving a pet behind isn’t an option.

According to E! News, Henry Cavill and ex-girlfriend Gina Carano adopted Kal-El together in January of last year. They bought the Akita from a breeder in Arkansas, and Henry and Kal-El have been pretty inseparable ever since. Last September, the Inquisitr shared a few photos of Cavill and his pet on the set of Batman v Superman.

Do you think Henry Cavill really needs an emotional support dog, or is he gaming the system to keep his pet safe when he travels?

[Images via HenryCavill.org, TMZ]

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