Henry Cavill Set Photos Show Superman Walking His Dog

Henry Cavill has been spotted on the Batman v Superman set several times now. In some photos, we have seen him wearing the signature Superman costume, and we also saw him as Clark Kent. For the first time, some candids reveal the British actor walking his dog around during down time.

Cavill has been in Detroit for a few months working on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel. He returns to reprise his role as one of the best known superheroes in the DC Universe, Superman. This time around — and for the first time in history — he will face another very well known character, Batman, who will be portrayed by Ben Affleck.

As filming continues in the Detroit Metro area, Henry Cavill has been seen on and off set on multiple occasions. He seems to take it all in stride, and is gracious posing with many of the fans who approach them for that special photo. But on Tuesday, some different pics were revealed, courtesy of Henry Cavill News.

The website received some exclusive photos of the 31-year-old actor walking his Akita around the set while he had some free time from filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The snaps come via R. Chiang, who has access and opportunity to stalk Henry.

Henry Cavill walking dog.

Henry Cavill walks dog on set.

According to the photographer’s report, it was a rainy day, but Henry Cavill waited patiently while his dog — named Kal-El, after Superman’s real Kryptonian name — checked things out during their outing, making women swoon all over the world. Looks like the Akita is very well-behaved, and was acting just like any curious pup would.

In January, Henry Cavill and then girlfriend, Gina Carano, traveled to Arkansas to pick up the dog — then a puppy — from the dog breeder, Big Bear Akitas. At the time, the organization proudly announced the newest member of its family.

“We are proud to announce the newest members of the Big Bear family! Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) and Gina Carano (Fast and Furious 6) are the proud owners of a Big Bear Akita. It was so great working with Henry and getting to meet him as well as Gina was truly a treat. Both Henry and Gina are genuine and a joy to be around. It was truly an honor to add them to our extended family and thank them for their patience in meeting us and our children. It’s not everyday that an A-list celebrity, much less 2 celebrities come to Beebe, AR to visit.”

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano with Big Bear Akita
Henry Cavill and Gina Carano with Big Bear Akita (Image via Henry Cavill News)
Henry Cavill with Akita
Henry Cavill with Akita (Image via Henry Cavill News)

From the latest set photos, it seems Henry Cavill’s Akita has grown quite a lot, and it’s good to see he is keeping Superman company while he is away from home on the long Batman v Superman shoot. It is expected that Zack Snyder will move the production to Illinois in November, according to Henry Cavill News. Check out the complete set photos here.

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