Whitney Houston Lifetime Movie: Watch The Full Movie On YouTube, While It Is Here [Video]

The Whitney Houston movie on Lifetime has brought a lot of buzz online, with the film, simply titled Whitney, bringing more than 200,000 searches into Google on Saturday – so says Google Trends – for related topics such as “Bobby Brown,” “Whitney Houston movie,” “Yaya DaCosta,” “Bobbi Kristina,” and more. Although the Lifetime website says that it offers viewers the opportunity to watch the full movie titled Whitney online, the Lifetime link forces users to sign into their TV provider’s account first – be it Dish, Verizon FiOS, xFinity, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, or Optimum.

Since plenty of viewers who want to see Yaya DaCosta’s wonderful Whitney Houston portrayal don’t have cable or satellite TV, they are turning to YouTube to search for ways to watch Whitney online. As such, a search for “Whitney Houston Lifetime movie” on YouTube — sorted by those videos longer than 20 minutes in length — turns up beauties like this “Watch Lifetime’s Whitney Houston biopic ‘Whitney’ (Full Movie)” video, which feature the whole Whitney movie to watch online and are growing in views and ratings on January 18.

The Lifetime Whitney Houston movie caused Twitter to react in various ways, reports NJ.com, as viewers live-tweeted their responses to the version of Whitney that director Angela Bassett put forth, a movie that chronicled the volatile marriage of Houston and Bobby Brown from the beginning of their relationship throughout the early stages of their parenthood – skipping whole chunks of the period of Whitney’s life when she dated Ray J, and the period immediately prior to her tragic death.

The Lifetime Whitney Houston movie premiered on Saturday, and Lifetime promised a replay for viewers who missed the initial showing of Whitney. However, that hasn’t stopped people from searching for the Whitney movie to watch online on YouTube at their whim.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Whitney Houston Lifetime movie featured the kind of fare that made it ripe for a popular online reaction, including great wigs, wonderful singing, excellent music, and lots of steamy sex scenes. Of course, the Whitney movie also featured lots of alcohol and drug abuse – chiefly cocaine use – a fact that seemed on point to certain Whitney viewers who had followed the trajectory of her career over the years. However, others blamed the rampant scenes of drug use featured in the movie as a writer’s device when it wasn’t known what else to write.

[Image via Lifetime Whitney movie]