Joe Biden: Shots Fired Near Home, Man Retained For Questioning

Numerous gunshots were fired near Vice President Joe Biden’s home on Saturday night.

TMZ reports that the gunshots were fired outside of Biden’s Delaware home around 8:25 p.m. According to the report, the shots were fired roughly 300 yards away from the perimeter established by the Secret Service.

Robert Hoback, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, released an official statement in reference to the shooting.

“A vehicle drove by the vice president’s residence at a high rate of speed and fired multiple gun shots. This occurred on a public road outside the established security perimeter. The shots were heard by Secret Service personnel posted at the residence and a vehicle was observed by an agent leaving the scene at a high rate of speed.”

Neither Vice President Joe Biden nor his wife, Jill, were at home when the shots were fired. However, both of them were reportedly briefed on what happened afterwards.

Further reports state that Joe Biden’s home will be thoroughly searched to determine if any of the fired bullets hit his residence. The New York Times confirms that Secret Service agents started canvassing the Bidens’ home on Sunday morning, searching for bullet marks.

As of right now, there has not been any confirmations of a possible motive for the shooting.

According to RT, the person responsible for the shooting near Joe Biden’s Delaware home was not detained by guards. However, local police and the Secret Service are actively searching for them.

Within an hour after the shooting took place, one man tried to drive past a police officer responsible for securing the area around Vice President Joe Biden’s home. Officials claim that the man resisted arrest and was taken into custody. He will be questioned in reference to the shooting incident to determine if he was involved in any way.

RT reports that a test for gun powder was conducted on the man’s hands and came back negative.

[Image Credit: USA Today]

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